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General Approval Special Overdimension Loads Pursuant to Regulation 49 of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and by way of a subdelegation from the Director of Land Transport Safety dated 18 December 1996, I, Wayne Robert Pettersson, Senior Engineer, hereby approve the operation of the vehicle types and loads described in this notice contrary to the provisions of regulations 48b to 48d subject to compliance with the operating conditions specified in the relevant documents in the Second Schedule. Vehicles and loads of the types described in the First Schedule and which exceed the dimension limits described in this schedule cannot operate unless a specific approval has been issued to that vehicle and load under regulation 49a. This notice comes into effect on the 1st day of September 1998. However the period between 1 September 1998 and 1 August 1999 shall be deemed to be a transitional period in which any existing overdimension exemption relating to any of these load types remains in force. First Schedule Definitions In this schedule The term ``SL'' followed by a specific number relates to a document in the Second Schedule specifying the operating requirements for a particular type of special overdimension load. Types of Vehicles and Loads and excessive dimensions permitted (SL1) Baled hay or wool carried on a regulation sized heavy motor vehicle Width 2.7 metres and no more than 1.35 metres either side of the centreline of the vehicle (SL2) Concrete pipes with a diameter of 0.4 metres or more loaded transversely across the deck on a regulation sized vehicle Width 2.7 metres and no more than 1.35 metres either side of the centreline of the vehicle (SL3) Regulation dimension heavy motor vehicles carrying steel for transmission towers, gin poles, telegraph poles or power poles, ladders for work on such poles, or fitted with sheer legs to aid the erection of such poles, where these items are the only ones exceeding the regulation dimensions Width 2.75 metres and no more than 1.25 metres to the right of the centreline of the vehicle Rear overhang 4.5 metres except sheer legs[ql] 6.5 metres for sheer legs provided that they are reduced to the minimum practicable overhang travelling from job to job and rise to 3.7 metres above the ground when travelling. Overall length of a rigid vehicle 11.6 metres when carrying long power poles (SL4) Rowing skiffs on regulation sized vehicles or trailers On motor vehicles Front overhang 4.5 metres Rear overhang the lesser of 6.0 metres or the forward distance of the vehicle On trailers Rear overhang 6.5 metres Distance ahead of king pin or point of attachment of tow bar to towing vehicle 3.0 metres (SL5) Surf boats on trailers Rear overhang 4.5 metres (SL6) Yachts and pleasure boats on trailers and stanchions attached to the trailers Width 2.9 metres (SL7) Disabled regulation sized and overdimension vehicles that have been involved in a crash or suffered mechanical failure and are being towed by a breakdown recovery vehicle Any of the dimension limits imposed by regulation 48b of the Traffic Regulations 1976 may be exceeded. Second Schedule Operating conditions The special overdimension loads and vehicles described in this notice must be operated in compliance with the dimension limits and requirements set out in the corresponding documents SL1 to SL7 (inclusive) produced by the Land Transport Safety Authority. Signed at Wellington this 19th day of August 1998. W. R. PETTERSSON, Senior Engineer, Safer Roads.
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27 Aug 1998

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