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Printing and Allied Industries Training Council Incorporated The Board of the Education and Training Support Agency, pursuant to section 5 of the Industry Training Act 1992, hereby gives notice that on Monday, the 16th day of March 1998, the Printing and Allied Industries Training Council Incorporated, was granted full recognition as an Industry Training Organisation for the Printing and Graphic Photo Process and Manufacture and Conversion of Corrugated Fibreboard Industries for a further period of 5 years with effect from the 16th day of March 1998. It will set standards on the National Qualifications Framework in the above areas: Levels 18. The ITO shall be required to consult with other interested organisations over the setting of skill standards. Dated at Wellington this 24th day of March 1998. ADRIENNE D'ATH, Chairperson.
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26 Mar 1998

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