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Requirement for Certificate Foreign Air Transport Operation HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Limited REF: 98/EXE/120 The director granted an exemption to HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Limited, London Stansted Airport, United Kingdom, from the requirement of rule 129.5 (a) that no person shall perform a foreign air transport operation except under the authority of, and in accordance with a foreign air operator certificate issued under Part 129; provided that (a) the aircraft operated by HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Limited for the foreign air transport operation is Antonov AN 124-100, Russian registration RA 82042; and (b) HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Limited carries out the foreign air transport operation under the authority of an Air Operator's Certificate issued by the United Kingdom and in accordance with the operator's specifications; and (c) the foreign air transport operation is restricted to that necessary for the delivery of power generators to relieve the electricity supply crisis in Auckland. This exemption shall apply until 31 March 1998. Dated this 25th day of February 1998.
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5 Mar 1998

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