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Certificate of Registration In the High Court of New Zealand, Wanganui Registry In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of Rosedale Forest Limited and Company being the special partnership: It is hereby certified pursuant to section 51 of the Partnership Act 1908 that: 1. The name of the special partnership is Rosedale Forest Limited and Company. 2. The names, places of residence and capital contributions of the general and special partners are set forth in the Schedule hereto. 3. The business of the partnership will be as follows: Agriculture, forestry and tree farming. 4. The principal place at which the business of the partnership will be situated at: Parapara Road, Wanganui. 5. The partnership commenced business on the 6th day of October 1995 and subject to the provisions in the partnership deed relating to earlier dissolution shall terminate upon the expiry of 7 years from the date of this registration. Schedule General Partner: Rosedale Forest Limited and Company, 11 Cheshire Street, Parnell, Auckland, nil capital. Special Partners: Peter Eric and Carolyn Anne Brookbanks, Maree Walsh and Clayton Wakefield, Nicholas and Joanne Bamfield, David Grant Barnett, Jeffrey and Pamela Joan Foster, Sally Ann Rennie, Michael Ian and Margaret Alice Service, Ursula Balzat, Warren Laird Coventry, Norah Margaret Mary McCarthy, John Veroce and Elizabeth Anne Bould, Peter Sinclair Chapman, Hugh Alan Buck, Christopher Maxwell Walker, Neil Wallace Murdoch and Noelene Anne Murdoch as trustees, Marieanne Ouwehand, Peter Scott Martin and Tristine Anne Martin and Cheshire Nominees as trustees, Joseph Francis Anselm Dowrick, Ravindra Bhikha, David Walter and Richard Burgess, Bruce Clifton and Lorraine Anne Seddon, Alan Daniel and Beverley Joy Crowe, Andrie Hart and Lesley Wilfred Divers as trustees, Paul Carter, Paul Bradley and Sherrie Elaine Ford, Kenneth Lance Broadmore, Mary A. R. Metclalf and Robert Neville Shrubsall as trustees, Graham Stanly Mountford and Louise Mary Mountfort and Cheshire Nominees as trustees, Graeme Mark Rivers and Pia Susanna Kotkasaari-Rivers, Alistair John Ward and Robin Micheal Seal as trustees, Jenny Butt, John Stuart Cameron and Isobel Margaret Cameron as trustees, Roger John Kim Hoskin, Donald Bruce and Christine Mary Munro, Anthony Gerald and Kathleen Mary Mercer, Jann Valerie Hulme, Andrew James Sommervell, D. Larry Hill, John Thomas and Anita Marguerite Richardson, Andrew George Hatt, Ross Stephen and Megan Jane Herrick, Krystle Brooke Hendry, Terri Anne Lipanovic, Cornell Peter Brooks, Gordon William and Dianne Elizabeth Whiteacre, Jonathan Albert and Eira Kuttner, John Charles Schnauer, Robert William and Janette Florence Elizabeth Copestake, Barry Julian Eade, Geoffrey William Dixon, Annette John, Murray Ian Alexander Johnston, Helen Telma Shrubsall, Kathe Hu, Raymond Hu, Anderw Stuart and Suzanne May Leighton, Merry Tsao and Chong Choon Tay, Phillip Scott Mason, Margaret Hogan, Ulrike Katharina Masina, Kenneth Kerwin and Sheryl Dawn Harlick, Andrew Stuart Grant, Reber Auto Electrical Limited, Nigel Robyn Fitch, Ann Marie Fitch and Michael John Hockly as trustees, Graham Michael Everson, Stephen Walter and Deborah Eileen Darin, Susan Elizabeth East, Ian Malcolm Elliot and Jeanette Maria Sword, Marion Isobel Grace Hardy, Mark Oliver Darin and Fiona Mary Darin, Clinton Douglas Frogley and Joan Elizabeth Frogley as trustees, Jonathan Stuart Milne, all of Auckland; Lynne Patricia Staub, Richard Ellis Benson, all of Australia; Peter Joseph Radich , Robin Albert John Sutherland and Lawrence Sturrock Saunders, of Blenheim; Linda Margaret Ponsonby of Canterbury; Emily Mary Acland, Coralie Janet Canton, George Christopher Acland, Dianna Sherree New, Lucy Elizabeth Acland, Maxwell Laurence Smith, Warren John Dellow and Leonie Jean Cameron, all of Christchurch; Roy Williams of Gisborne; Brenda Ter Veer and Brian Gerard Michael Burke, Allan and Megan Frances Kay, all of Hamilton; Sue Natalie Drinnan of Kaukapakapa, Jayne Philippa and Michael John Soons of Kumeu; Paul Stewart and Margaret Jean Ramsay of New Plymouth; Harrington Turnbull of Northland; Baizeen and Silloo Pajnigara, Ruston Shaw and Farroakh Vania of Pakistan; Dean Michael and Karen Jane Pratt, Mervyn and Annette Nixon of Palmerston North; Dorothy Maureen Officer of Pukekohe; Elvira Arnolda McDonald, Frances Mary Williams, Stuart Bowden Burns, all of Rotorua; Philip Mulvay, Stuart Douglas and Helen May Mulvay, all of Taihape; SK and RLM Property Limited, Kathriona Jane Hynes and Timothy Scott, Timothy Scott, all of Taumarunui; Peter Ivan Lemberg of Te Kuiti, Heather E Wiseman of Thames; Thomas James Clouston of Turakina; Peter John and Jennifer Kade Birchall, Ronald and Eunice Bronwyn Preston, all of Waimauku; Stuart William and Priscilla Anne McDonald, Edith Muriel Whittaker, all of Waiuku; Lynda Jane and Michael Justin Smith, David Frank Wan, Neil and Maria Forlong, Keith Trevor and Margaret Beautrais, all of Wanganui; Derek John Moller, Adrienne Phyllis Moller and Roger Thomas Schroder Brebner as trustees, Hugh James and Dorothy Nola Callaghan, Mokopuna Investments Limited, Barry Trevor Mcleod, Lynn Christina McLeod and Alan Ross Marshall as trustees, Wilhelmus Leonardus and Kathryn Elizabeth Giesbers, Raymond Edwin and Allison Philpott, Gordon Richard and Rosemary H. Neal, Lance and Jane Brennan, Donald James Baskerville, Lisa Silestean, Victor Alan Langford, Barry Allan and Beate Carruth, Elaine Nimmo, Molly McKenzie McDonald, Bruce Patrick Gordon, Jennifer Mary Langford, Jeffrey Nevil Price, all of Wellington; David Grahame and Robyn Joy Seccombe of Whakatane, all having contributed $7,500 capital. Dale Kenneth and Helen Margaret Baxter, Christopher and Margaret Evelyn Scott, Phillipe Hu, Alec Archdale Tayler and Cheshire Nominees Limited as trustees, Anthony Paul and Janet Chin, Alexander Wang, Black Cat Limited, Mrs Barbara Wendy Guthire, Mrs Ruth Barbara Meredith and Jonathan David Guthrie as trustees, Peter Morris Lawrence, Terence Austin Brown, all of Auckland; John Herbert Hulme, Mansfield Family Trust, all of Christchurch; Bretton Maxwell and Marjorie Raewyn Werner, of Hong Kong; Andrew Whitfield and Rebecca Taylor of Mount Manganui; Ian Neil Clarkson of National Park; Priscilla L. Taylor of New Plymouth; Gerard Timothy Lynch of South Canterbury; Susan Mary Harley O'Donnell and Peter Jacob Frederik Duynstee as trustees of Taupo; Peter Bernard and Sandra Janet Casey of Wanganui; John Webster Tizard, Mark David O'Brien, all of Wellington; all having contributed $15,000 capital. Roger Michael Reynolds of Auckland; Peter Charles Travers of Hamilton; Robert Peter Shelton of Whangarei; all having contributed $22,500 capital. Owen Maurice and Marion Claire Roberts of Rotorua; Victor Properties of Tauranga; all having contributed $30,000 capital. Constantino Boffa as trustee of Auckland; having contributed $37,500 capital. Yolande Antionette van de Wetering-Jamin of Auckland; having contributed $75,000 capital.
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27 Nov 1997

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