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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Property To: Sarum Holdings Limited (in receivership). Take notice that Mirror Lake Investments Limited as mortgagee has entered into possession as mortgagee in respect of the property, details of which are set out below: Mortgagee's Full Name: Mirror Lake Investments Limited at Christchurch. Date Entered into Possession: 10 March 1997. Address to Which Notices for the Mortgagee Can be Sent: Care of the offices of Messrs Searell & Co, Chartered Accountants, Level Four, 728 Colombo Street, Christchurch. Brief description of mortgaged property: Mirror Lake Investments Limited's mortgage is mortgage No. 901073/3 which is registered in the Otago Land Registry in respect of certificates of title 2D/328 and 13D/1087. The property is more commonly known as Totara Peak Station, Mcauchtries Road, adjacent to Lake Benmore. The legal description is: (i) An estate in fee simple in the Otago Land Registration District containing 7284 square metres, or thereabouts, being Section 3, Block XIII, Benmore Survey District, certificate of title 13D/1087. (ii) A pastoral lease in the Otago Land Registration District containing 4937.1648 hectares, or thereabouts, being Run 747, Block XI, Ohau River Survey District and Blocks VIII, IX, X, XIII and XIV, Benmore Survey District, certificate of title 2D/328. Dated this 10th day of March 1997. Signed by: HUGH RODERICK CATHERWOOD, as Solicitor for Mirror Lake Investments Limited.
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20 Mar 1997

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