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Australia New Zealand Food Authority Variations to the Food Standards Code(Amendment No. 36) 1. Preamble The variations set forth in the Schedule below are variations to the Food Standards Code (hereinafter called ``the code'') which was published by the National Health and Medical Research Council in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, No. P 27, on 27 August 1987, and which has been varied from time to time. The Schedule contains variations adopted by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council in October 1997. These variations are published, pursuant to section 32 of the Australia New Zealand Food Authority Act 1991. 2. Citation These variations may be collectively known as Amendment No. 36 to the code. 3. Commencement These variations commence on the date of publication of this New Zealand Gazette. Schedule 1. Standard A12 is varied by omitting from columns 1 and 2 of the Table to clause (8) ``Piper methysticum Kava kava''. 2 The Food Standard Code is varied by inserting after Standard O9 ``Standard O10 Kava Purpose This Standard in conjunction with the National Code of Management on the Restriction of the Sale and Advertising of Kava (the National Code of Kava Management) regulates the sale and distribution of kava in Australia. While Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments recognise the cultural importance of kava to the Australian South Pacific community, this Standard and the National Code of Kava Management seek to minimise the detrimental effects associated with kava abuse. Table of Provisions 1. Interpretation 2. Prohibition 3. Labelling Interpretation 1. In this Standard `kava' means the plant, or a derivative of the plant, Piper methysticum, whether or not mixed with water. Prohibition 2. Kava must not be used as an ingredient in another food. Labelling 3. (1) There shall be written in the label on or attached to a package containing kava, in type of 3 mm, the following statements (a) `USE IN MODERATION; (b) `MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS'; and (c) `THE SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF KAVA IN AUSTRALIA IS SUBJECT TO THE NATIONAL CODE OF KAVA MANAGEMENT'. (2) Where kava is offered for sale other than in a package, there must be displayed in connection with the food, in type of not less than 9 mm, the statements that would, if the kava were packaged, be required by subclause (1) to be included in the label on or attached to the package.''.
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16 Oct 1997

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