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Amaltal Taiyo Fishery Company Limited Notice of Intention to Apply for Removal of the Above Company From the Register Notice is hereby given that we, the undersigned applicants, propose to apply to the Registrar of Companies at Auckland, pursuant to section 318 (1) (d) (i) of the Companies Act 1993, for the removal of Amaltal Taiyo Fishery Company Limited (``the company''), whose registered office is situated at 4042 Anzac Avenue, Auckland 1, from the New Zealand Register on the grounds that the company has ceased to carry on business, has discharged in full its liabilities to all known creditors and has distributed its surplus assets in accordance with its constitution and the Companies Act 1993. Unless written objection to such removal, pursuant to section 321 of the Act, is sent or delivered to the Registrar at Auckland by 15 August 1997 (being a date not less than 20 working days after the date of this notice), the Registrar may remove the company from the Register. Dated this 13th day of June 1997. PETER IVAN TALLEY, EDGAR WILLIAM PRESTON, GRAHAME FREDERICK GLAISTER and MICHAEL ANTHONY TALLEY.
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17 Jul 1997

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