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Summary of Exemptions Granted by the Director of Civil Aviation Pursuant to section 37 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, notification is hereby given of exemptions, set out in the Schedule hereto, granted by the Director of Civil Aviation. Schedule Nature of exemptions granted: Docket 98/EXE/8, to Mr J. M. Marshall on the 11th day of July 1997. From the requirements contained in Appendix A of Part 146 regarding the qualifications and experience required for, and the privileges and limitations associated with, the grant of a delegation, in accordance with section 23b of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, for the approval of design changes. The grant of, or denial of exemptions is also published in the Civil Aviation Rules Register Information Leaflet (CARRIL), as a 6-weekly publication of the Civil Aviation Authority. Exemption Docket files may be viewed on prior request to the Registrar at the office of the Civil Aviation Authority at 1 Market Grove (P.O. Box 31-441), Lower Hutt. Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of September 1997. HILARY KEENAN, Docket Clerk.
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4 Sep 1997

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