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Airworthiness Directives Pursuant to section 72i (3) (a) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, I, Kevin William Ward, the Director of Civil Aviation, hereby give notice that the following airworthiness directives have been made, effective from the date of this notice: DCA/S2R/1A DCA/S2R/2 DCA/CESS172/148 DCA/BELL212/24B DCA/BELL212/26A DCA/BELL212/28 DCA/BELL212/31 DCA/BELL212/32 DCA/HU269/100C DCA/HU369/65C DCA/EQUIP/1A DCA/EMY/24 DCA/RAD/9 Dated this 1st day of August 1997. KEVIN W. WARD, Director of Civil Aviation.
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31 Jul 1997

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