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Declaring State Highway to be Limited Access Road: State Highway No. 1 Atiamuri River to State Highway 1/5 Junction It is notified that Transit New Zealand, by resolution dated 4 June 1997 and pursuant to section 88 (1) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, hereby declares that part of State Highway No. 1 commencing at Atiamuri River Bridge south abutment (at RP 576/0.11) and proceeding generally in a southerly direction to the State Highway 1/5 Junction (at RP 592/14.70), a distance of 31.69 kilometres, as more particularly shown in plans LA 20/18/1, LA 20/19/1 and LA 20/19/2 and accompanying schedules held in the office of the Regional State Highway Manager, Transit New Zealand, Hamilton and there available for public inspection, to be a limited access road. Dated at Wellington this 26th day of June 1997. M. K. LAUDER, State Highway Operations Manager, Transit New Zealand.6
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3 Jul 1997

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