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Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Rangipukea Farms Limited (in liquidation) and Maranui Properties Limited (in liquidation) The Companies Act 1955 (as amended) Address of Registered Offices of the Above: Eleventh Floor, Southpac Tower, 45 Queen Street, Auckland. Nationwide Relocation Services Limited (in liquidation) Address of Registered Office: Building Ten, First Floor, 666 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland. The above solvent companies were placed into liquidation on the basis the reasons for which the companies were incorporated having now passed. The companies have ceased trading. Notice of Appointment of Liquidator Peter Boyd Guise, chartered accountant, was appointed liquidator of Rangipukea Farms Limited (in liquidation), Maranui Properties Limited (in liquidation) and Nationwide Relocation Services Limited (in liquidation) on the 13th day of February 1997, pursuant to section 211 (2) (a). Notice of Intention to Remove Application to remove the above-mentioned companies will be made to the Registrar, pursuant to section 293 (1) (e), on the grounds that the documents referred to in section 231 (1) (a) will be sent to the Registrar, after 30 days from the date of this notice. Objections to remove, under section 296, must be delivered to the Registrar within that period. Notice to Creditors to Prove Debts or Claims Notice is given that the liquidator fixes the 21st day of March 1997 as the day on or before the creditors of the respective companies are to make their claims, and establish any priority their claims may have under section 286, or to be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before the claims made, as the case may be, from objecting to the distribution. Dated this 13th day of February 1997. PETER BOYD GUISE, Liquidator. The Address and Telephone Number to Which, During Normal Business Hours, Inquiries May be Directed by a Creditor or Member: Staples Rodway, Chartered Accountants, P.O. Box 3899, Auckland. Telephone: (09) 309 0463.
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20 Feb 1997

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