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Vice Regal
Vice Regal: Appointment of Ministers Her Excellency the Governor-General has been pleased to appoint The Honourable Paul Clayton East, to be Minister of Defence and Minister of Corrections The Honourable Dr Alexander Lockwood Smith, to be Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Minister of Finance The Honourable Wyatt Beetham Creech, to be Minister of Education The Honourable John Archibald Banks, to be Minister of Civil Defence The Honourable Murray John Finlay Luxton, to be Minister of Commerce and Minister for Industry The Honourable Peter Francis Dunne, to be Minister of Revenue and Minister of Internal Affairs The Honourable Simon William English, to be Minister for Crown Health Enterprises. Dated at Wellington this 1st day of March 1996. By command: DIANE WILDERSPIN, for Clerk of the Executive Council.
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7 Mar 1996

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