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Notice of Appointment of Receiver of Income Under Mortgage Part VIIa of the Property Law Act 1952 Pursuant to memorandum of mortgage No. B. 048871.2 (South Auckland Land Registry) (``mortgage'') given by the company over its property at 346 Victoria Street, Hamilton, to BNZ Finance Limited (``mortgagee'') and registered in the Companies Office at Auckland on 8 October 1991. By reason of the company's default in performance of its obligations under the mortgage, the mortgagee did in exercise of the powers conferred by law and under the mortgage upon the mortgagee, appoint Grant Robert Graham and Stephen Robert Lawrence, chartered accountants, both of Auckland, to be the receivers of income of the property charged by the mortgage with all and each of the powers conferred upon a receiver under the mortgage and by law. Dated this 11th day of April 1996. Signed for BNZ Finance Limited as mortgagee by their duly authorised solicitors and agents: BELL GULLY BUDDLE WEIR. This notice is placed by the solicitors for the mortgagee whose address for service is Auckland Club Tower, 34 Shortland Street, Auckland (Attention: Mr M. B. Harrod).
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18 Apr 1996

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