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Meetings/Last Dates for Debts & Claims
Public Notice In the matter of the Companies Act 1955, and in the matter of Photo Euan Cameron & Alistair Kinniburgh Limited (in liquidation) CH. 142301: Notice is hereby given that by entry in the company's minute book in lieu of a general meeting it was resolved that on the 10th day of July 1996, the company be wound up voluntarily and that Peter George Steel, chartered accountant of Christchurch, be appointed liquidator for the purpose of such winding up. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, does hereby fix the 12th day of August 1996, in accordance with winding up rule 85 as the day on or before which the creditors of the company are to prove their debts or claims, and to establish any title they may have to priority under section 308 of the Companies Act 1955, or to be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before the debts are proved or, as the case may be, from objecting to any distribution. Dated this 11th day of July 1996. P. G. STEEL, Liquidator. Address for Service: Price Waterhouse, P.O. Box 13-250, Christchurch. Please Direct Inquiries to: Bryce Hawkins.
Publication Date
18 Jul 1996

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