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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice The certificates of title and memoranda of lease described in the Schedule hereto having been declared lost, notice is given of my intention to issue new certificates of title and provisional leases upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Schedule Certificate of title 41A/792 in the names of Patrick Mark Rahiri, orchardist and Marama Parekotuku Mason, shipping clerk, both of Tauranga. Application B. 372227. Certificate of title 1453/86 in the name of Lyall Robert McGee, design engineer of Rotorua. Application B. 370340. Memorandum of lease H. 763868.3 affecting certificates of title 2A/430 and 39D/498 whereby McKenzie Royce McDonald, carpenter and Wendy Louise McDonald, nurse, both of Rotorua, are lessees. Application B. 370485. Memorandum of lease H. 517841.1. affecting certificate of title 31B/318 whereby Kenneth Rafe Mair, broadcaster and Wendy Marilyn Conway-Mair, business woman, both of Canada, are lessees. Application B. 367412. Certificate of title 691/156 in the name of Anne Margaret Bonning, married woman of Auckland. Application B. 368094. Certificate of title 264/130 in the names of John James Langdon, carpenter of Hamilton and Eve Ann Langdon, his wife. Application B. 360065. Certificate of title 212/157 in the name of Edward Murray Neal and Robert Wilkin Neal, farmers, both of Te Kuiti. Application B. 367513. Certificate of title 33D/929 in the names of Frederick David Marriner, builder of Te Kuiti and Isobel Maud Marriner, his wife. Application B. 369840. Certificate of title 12B/21 in the names of Stephen David MacKisack, manager of Hamilton and Catherine Marie MacKisack, his wife. Application B. 370529. Memorandum of lease B. 052678.2 and certificate of title 49C/330 whereby Jonathan Lewis Adler, medical practitioner and Lisa Jean MacPherson, registered nurse, both of Hamilton, are both registered proprietors and lessees. Application B. 370711. Certificate of title 27B/472 in the names of David Maxwell Adams, farmer of Fencourt and Shirley Muriel Adams, his wife. Application B. 371266. Memorandum of lease S. 527210 and certificates of title 13B/383 and 13A/1416 whereby the New Zealand Insurance Company Limited is both registered proprietor and lessee. Application B. 371337. Dated at Hamilton this 16th day of October 1996. M. COLE, Executive Assistant Land Registrar.
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24 Sep 1996

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