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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of this publication. Schedule (Certificate of title reference unless otherwise stated; registered proprietors name; application number.) 1. 7B/631; Allan Grant Anderson and Marie Nanette Anderson; D. 027651. 2. 72A/123; Stephen Brandon and Janet Louise Brandon; D. 031877. 3. Lease 195033.2; Charles William Purcell and Margaret Mae Purcell; D. 033013. 4. 42B/300 and 42B/301; Edna Florence Hudson; D. 033293. 5. 53A/1152; Evelyn Francis Evans and Clive Smith; D. 034608. 6. Mortgage C. 021871.4; Michael Frederick Carder-Dodd and June Margaret Theda Carder-Dodd; D. 035267. 7. 90C/35; Derek Garth Button and Barbara Joy Button; D. 035357. 8. 28B/497 and lease 067149.2; Maureen Ellen Sims; D. 035526. 9. 188/96; Finn Birch Mortensen and Maxine Roberta Mortensen; D. 035641. 10. 23A/728 and 25B/727; Lilma Maria Tahana; D. 036083. 11. 502/256; Paul Clifford Noel Strickland; D. 036104. 12. 67A/962 and lease 652077.46; Desmond John Laughton and Annette Elizabeth Laughton; D. 036298. 13. 984/279; Robert Walter Lee; D. 036569. 14. 16D/889; Maxwell Bygate Knight; D. 036767. 15. 33D/1193; Reginald Vollum Hick and Mary Reynolds Hick; D. 036820. 16. Lease 284858.1; James Leighton Carlile Whiteman; D. 037122. 17. 384/293; David Thomas Stephen Derrick; D. 037405. 18. 77D/379; Foenus Investments Limited; D. 037564. 19. 39B/120; Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (Wiri) Trust Board; D. 037672. 20. 615/184; Robyn Kathleen Banks; D. 037577. 21. Lease C. 849656.4; Douglas Raymond Northin and Maria Louise Sutcliffe; D. 038313. 22. 51A/1404; Stephen Keith Williams; D. 038422. Dated at the Auckland Land Information New Zealand this 29th day of August 1996. E. P. O'CONNOR, District Land Registrar.
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5 Sep 1996

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