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Marriage Celebrants for 1996, Notice No. 14 Pursuant to the provisions of section 10 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information: Arnold, Ronald Thomas Marshall, Vision Ministries. Batson, Graham Albert, Brethren. Dadson, Camilla Anne, The Gnostic Society Incorporated. Davis, Ted, Apostolic Church. Fahey, Michael Wainwright, Anglican. Hafiz, Sheikh Khalid Kamal Abdul, International Muslim Association of New Zealand. Hirst, Stephen, Christian City Church - Auckland. Kingi, Joseph, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc (NZ). Lindsay, David John, Brethren. Loughnan, Karen, New Life Churches of New Zealand. McGeorge, Robert James, Abundant Life Fellowship. North, John Lawrence, Baptist. O'Connor, Steven Barry, Baptist. Odgen, Gregory Mark, Jehovah's Witnesses. Phelps, Heather Shirley, Salvation Army. Roberts, James, Apostolic Church. Sooa'emalelagi, Litaea, Reformed Congregational Christian Church of Samoa in New Zealand. Staiger, John, Church of Christ. Stent, Shane Alexander, Oasis Christian Centre. Stevens, Lawrence Roy, Jehovah's Witnesses. Subritsky, Martin, Ratana. Wallace, Mere Nganehu, Anglican. Whitcombe, Aubrey Nigel Rupert, Assemblies of God in New Zealand. Whitcombe, Felicity Rosa, Assemblies of God in New Zealand. Wither, Merrilyn, Baptist. Dated at Lower Hutt this 28th day of May 1996. B. E. CLARKE, Registrar-General.
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6 Jun 1996

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