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Quadrant Holdings Limited (HN. 638966) Notice of Entering into Possession of Mortgaged Property Pursuant to Part VIIa, Section 104dd of the Property Law Amendment Act 1993 Presented by: Motor Trade Finances Limited, P.O. Box 885, Dunedin. Notice is hereby given that on the 6th day of September 1996, Motor Trade Finances Limited took possession of 54 vehicles, being the mortgaged property of Quadrant Holdings Limited, under the powers contained in a mortgage debenture dated the 11th day of July 1995, given by that company. The offices of Motor Trade Finances Limited are situated at Taunton Mews, 22 Maclaggan Street, Dunedin. Dated this 13th day of September 1996. RUSSELL STEWART, Company Secretary.
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26 Sep 1996

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