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The Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1965 Pursuant to section 6 of The Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1965, the Fellows of the Royal Society of New Zealand at their annual general meeting held on 6 December 1995, elected the following persons to be Fellows of the Society with effect from 6 December 1995: Robert Beaglehole, m.b., ch.b.,, m.d.,, f.r.s.n.z., f.r.a.c.p., m.r.c.p.(u.k), f.a.f.p.h.m. Andrew Charles Cleland,, ph.d.(massey), f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.f.s.t., m.i.p.e.n.z. Lawrence Kenneth Creamer, j.p.,, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Samuel Harvey Franklin,, m.a., litt.d., f.r.s.n.z. John Frederic Harper,, ph.d., sc.d.(cantab.), f.r.s.n.z. Alan John McKinnon,, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Keith Lindsay Macmillan,, ph.d.(mich state), f.r.s.n.z. John Ogden,, ph.d.,, f.r.s.n.z. Bryan Passmore Philpott,, m.a., a.c.a., dip.wool, f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.a.s. Anne Briar Smith, m.ed., ph.d., f.r.s.n.z. Peter James Steel,, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Patrick Alexander Sullivan,, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Kevin Russel Tate,, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c., f.n.z.s.s.s. Harry Robin Tervit,, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z. David Christopher Thorns, m.a.(exon), litt.d.(canterbury), f.r.s.n.z. Peter Joseph Wilson, m.a., ph.d., f.r.s.n.z. V. R. MOORE, Chief Executive Officer.
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24 Jul 1996

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