Please note that a person may be discharged from bankruptcy after 3 years and a No Asset Procedure after 1 year. Please check the Insolvency Register on the Insolvency and Trustee Service website for the current status of a debtor.

Publication of bankruptcy adjudications and of debtors admitted to a No Asset Procedure changed in December 2018. From that time the Insolvency and Trustee Service has published all adjudications in the New Zealand Gazette by providing a link from the Gazette website to the Insolvency Register.

Other bankruptcy notices, including orders annulling or rescinding adjudications, can be found in the Insolvency and Trustee Services’ Public Notices.

Notice Type
Christchurch The following persons were adjudicated bankrupt on the dates below: 11 December 1995 Blair, Nani Teparue, housewife of 7 Saint Heliers Crescent, Christchurch, previously of 4/14 Gresford Street, Christchurch. Jones, Margaret Norma, housewife and Jones, Thomas Alexander George, promoter of 277 Wainoni Road, Christchurch. 12 December 1995 Karlston, Ricky David (also known as Newman, Kevin Wylie Jason), caregiver of 6/318 Hereford Street, Christchurch, previously of 93 Chalet Crescent, Hanmer Springs. Murphy, Christine Gean, beneficiary of 8 Simpson Street, Motueka, previously of 4 Cavan Place, Christchurch and 5/448 Worcester Street, Christchurch (previously trading as Murphy's Mushrooms). Murphy, George Dunlop, beneficiary of 5/448 Worcester Street, Christchurch, previously of 8 Simpson Street, Motueka (previously trading as Murphy's Mushrooms). Sutherland, Alan Gregory, timber processor of 190B Rockinghorse Road, Christchurch. 14 December 1995 Black, Robert Alexander, service station worker of 3A McKane Place, Cobden. McKay, Gaynor and McKay, John Greig, beneficiaries of No. 4 R.D., Arowhenua, Timaru, previously of 100 Richard Pearse Drive, Temuka (previously trading in partnership as Glenwood Dairy and Bakery). 18 December 1995 Brownie, Mark Francis, car salesman of 20 Michaels Road, Tai Tapu, previously of 122 Colombo Street and 4/30 Clissold Street, Christchurch. Ferguson, Jack Bertram and Ferguson, Patricia Carol, company directors of 11 Camelot Street, Christchurch. Hanrahan, Sharron Cecelia, nurse of 97 Cranford Street, Christchurch, previously of 9 McGregors Road, 59 Sarabande Avenue and 37 Charnwood Crescent, Christchurch. Hill, Craig Raoul, occupation unknown of 8 Evans Pass Road, Christchurch. Hokianga, Kaa, mother of 16 Nottingham Street, Christchurch. Marchand, Janvier Rene, printer of 55 Colwyn Street, Christchurch. Needham, John Jnr., driver of 18 Short Street, Christchurch. Payne, Craig Brian, podiatrist of 4/873 Colombo Street, Christchurch, previously of 75 Winchester Street, Christchurch (previously trading as Riccarton Podiatry). Tierney, Dean Kenneth (also known as Malcolm, Dion Stewart Francis), beneficiary of 162 Edinburgh Street, Christchurch, previously of 13 Eureka Street and 19 Brockenhurst Street, Christchurch and of Invercargill, Oamaru and Waimate. Tonihi, Danielle Maria, mother of 535 Manchester Street, Christchurch, previously of 35 Compton Street, Christchurch. Wilkinson, Eric Gordon, deceased, previously of Christchurch. 20 December 1995 Kelly, Cameron Trevor, painter of 56 Sydney Street, Christchurch, previously of 4/45 Glade Avenue, Christchurch (previously trading as Cameron Kelly Painter). 21 December 1995 Evans, Darren Jeffrey, cabinet maker and Evans, Lorenda Joan, furniture manufacturer of 130 Lyttelton Street, Christchurch (previously trading in partnership as D & J Evans Furniture). OFFICIAL ASSIGNEE, New Zealand Insolvency & Trustee Service, Private Bag 4714, Christchurch. Telephone: (03) 366 4354. Facsimile: (03) 365 5287.
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11 Jan 1996

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