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Purchase of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services Pursuant to section 27 (5) of the Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act 1992, the following are the provisions of agreements between ACC and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) providers which prescribe the services to be provided by each provider and on which consultation has taken place in accordance with section 27 (4) of the Act. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF SERVICE PROVIDER 3.1 The Service Provider will: 3.1.1 Provide an MRI Scan to Claimants who hold an Approval from the Corporation pursuant to and in accordance with this Agreement; 3.1.2 Provide an MRI Scan which complies with the Approval granted by the Corporation for the particular Claimant; 3.1.3 Provide: (a) the MRI Scan and report to the Referrer within five (5) working days of the MRI Scan of the Claimant; (b) a copy of the MRI Scan report to ACC within five (5) working days of the MRI Scan of the Claimant. 3.1.4 Advise the Corporation and the Referrer if, in the Service Provider's reasonable opinion (a) the Service Provider is unable to provide an MRI Scan which complies with the Approval; or (b) the MRI Scan will not assist with diagnosis of any injury or suspected injury of the Claimant; or (c) a different imaging or diagnostic technique is likely to achieve a more useful result. 3.2 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, no Claimant shall: 3.2.1 be accepted for an MRI Scan by the Service Provider; or 3.2.2 be placed on a waiting list by the Service Provider for an MRI Scan, unless the Claimant can receive an MRI Scan within the period of three (3) weeks after approval by the Corporation. The Corporation may extend such period at its sole discretion by notice in writing to the Service Provider. 3.2.3 The Service Provider acknowledges that it owes a duty of care to the Corporation in carrying out the Approval and in the performance of this Agreement and will exercise due diligence and observe the highest standards appropriate to its performance under this Agreement. Dated at Wellington this 1st day of May 1996. Hon. DOUG KIDD, Minister for Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance.
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22 May 1996

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