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Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Whangarei Bus Services Limited (in liquidation) AK. 107010 Notice of Appointment of Liquidator The Companies Act 1955 Please Note: This company is not Whangarei Bus Services (1994) Limited, operated by Gavin and Shona Roberts. Whangarei Bus Services Limited (George and Hazel Roberts) is no longer trading. 1. Notice is hereby given that by a duly signed entry in the minute book of the above-named company on the 16th day of October 1996, the following special resolution was passed by the company, namely: (a) That for reason of transferring company assets to shareholders and a directors resolution of solvency having been filed in accordance with section 213 (8) of the Companies Act 1955, the company be wound up voluntarily. (b) That Warwick Leslie Syers of Crawford Syers & Hamilton, chartered accountants, be and is hereby appointed liquidator of Whangarei Bus Services Limited. 2. The date of commencement of the liquidation is the 16th day of October 1996. 3. The address and telephone number to which inquiries may be directed by creditors or members during normal business hours is the liquidator, Whangarei Bus Services Limited (in liquidation), care of Crawford Syers & Hamilton, P.O. Box 309, Whangarei. Telephone: (09) 438 8879. Dated this 16th day of October 1996. W. L. SYERS, Liquidator.
Publication Date
24 Oct 1996

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