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The Traffic (Timaru District) Notice No. 1, 1995 Pursuant to section 52 (3) of the Transport Act 1962, and under and by way of powers delegated to me by the Minister of Transport, in an instrument of delegation dated the 31st day of August 1990, I, Judith Olga Stack, Secretary for Transport, give the following notice: N o t i c e This notice may be cited as the Traffic (Timaru District) Notice No. 1, 1995. The notice titled ``Limited Speed Zone Declared'' signed at Wellington on the 11th day of February 1960, issued pursuant to the Traffic Regulation 1956 and relating to roads within Geraldine County, is hereby revoked. Signed at Wellington this 28th day of November 1995. J. O. STACK, Secretary for Transport. * New Zealand Gazette, 18 February 1960, No. 9, page 200. (RT01/3/60 Timaru District)
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14 Dec 1995

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