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The Water Recreation (Freshwater Basin, Milford Sound) Notice 1995 I, Thomas Edwin Law, Senior Advisory Officer (Harbours Management), pursuant to the Water Recreation Regulations 1979* and in exercise of powers delegated to me pursuant to section 257a of the Harbours Act 1950 and section 443 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, hereby give the following notice: N o t i c e 1. (a) This notice may be cited as the Water Recreation (Freshwater Basin, Milford Sound) Notice 1995. (b) This notice shall come into force 14 days after publication in the New Zealand Gazette and shall remain in force until revoked by further notice in the New Zealand Gazette. 2. Subject to the conditions set forth in the Second Schedule hereto, the area specified in the First Schedule shall be reserved for the use of craft turning and manoeuvring into berths at Freshwater Basin. First Schedule All that area of water bounded by a line joining the following: Commencing at the Trig Station at position 44 40.123 S 167 55.502 E, then 167 22 to the northern point of the breakwater at position 44 40.163 S 167 55.512 E, then in a southerly direction along the low water line on the eastern side of the breakwater to position 44 40.205 S 167 55.562 E, then in a 015 5 direction for 122.5 metres to position 44 40.142 S 167 55.590 E, then in a 284 19 direction to the position of commencement. This area so described is generally that area of water at Freshwater Basin enclosed by a line from the end of the breakwater to the Trig Station on the opposite bank, not, as at 1 September 1995, used for berthing vessels. Second Schedule 1. No person shall moor, anchor or otherwise leave a vessel stationary within the area defined in the First Schedule hereto. 2. All persons in charge of a vessel shall adhere to and keep the provisions of all Acts and regulations not specifically exempted by this notice. 3. All persons shall comply with any directions given by the harbourmaster, his deputy, assistant or representative. Dated at Wellington this 5th day of September 1995. T. E. LAW, Senior Advisory Officer (Harbours Management). * Water Recreation Regulations 1979/30. (MSA 43/136/0)
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14 Sep 1995

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