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Health Classification of Medicines Pursuant to section 106 (1) of the Medicines Act 1981, the Minister of Health hereby declares the medicines listed in Schedules one, two, three and four to this notice to have the classifications prescription medicine, restricted medicine, pharmacy-only medicine and general sale medicine respectively. First Schedule Prescription Medicines Atovaquone. Famciclovir. Iodixanol. Meropenem. Second Schedule Restricted Medicine Prochlorperazine; for buccal use in medicines which have received the Minister's consent to their distribution as restricted medicines and which are sold in the manufacturer's original pack containing not more than 10 tablets for the treatment of nausea associated with migraine. Third Schedule Pharmacy-only Medicine Sodium cromoglycate; for nasal and ophthalmological use. Fourth Schedule General Sale Medicine Potassium chloride; for oral rehydration therapy; for use in haemodialysis concentrates and peritoneal dialysis solutions. Dated this 9th day of August 1995. MAURICE WILLIAMSON, Associate Minister of Health.
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24 Aug 1995

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