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The Water Recreation (Mount Maunganui Beach) Notice 1995 I, Russell Kilvington, Director, Maritime Safety Authority, pursuant to the Water Recreation Regulations 1979* and in exercise of powers delegated to me pursuant to section 257a of the Harbours Act 1950, hereby give the following notice: N o t i c e 1. (a) This notice may be cited as the Water Recreation (Mount Maunganui Beach) Notice 1995. (b) This notice shall come into force 28 days after publication in the New Zealand Gazette and shall remain in force until revoked by further notice in the New Zealand Gazette. 2. Subject to the conditions set forth in the Second Schedule hereto, regulations 7 (1) (a), 7 (1) (b) and 7 (2) of the Water Recreation Regulations 1979 shall not apply to the area specified in the First Schedule. First Schedule All that area of tidal water within 200 metres of the waters edge the north-western boundary being the line between Pacific Avenue, Mount Maunganui and Moturiki Island and the south-eastern boundary being a line being the north-easterly extension of Surf Road. Second Schedule 1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this notice, no person who is permitted by any such provision to propel or navigate a small craft at a speed through the water exceeding 5 knots shall do so in any manner that is likely to endanger or unduly annoy any person who is, in, on, or using the waters or fishing, or undertaking any recreational activity in the vicinity of the small craft. 2. Any persons in charge of a vessel shall adhere to and keep the provisions of all Acts and regulations not specifically exempted by this notice. 3. A suitable notice as may be approved by the Senior Advisory Officer (Harbours Management), Wellington, shall be erected at the sites deemed necessary by the Senior Advisory Officer (Harbours Management). Dated at Wellington this 4th day of January 1995. RUSSELL KILVINGTON, Director of Maritime Safety. * Water Recreation Regulations 1979/30. (MSA 43/165/10)
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12 Jan 1995

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