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Notification of Increasing the Levy of Regional Petrol Tax by The Waikato Regional Council Pursuant to the powers vested in it by sections 200c and 200d of the Local Government Act 1974, The Waikato Regional Council resolved at its meeting on 31 August 1995, that following the approval of the Minister of Transport, it will increase the regional petrol tax rate to 0.265 cents per litre excluding G.S.T. with effect from the 27th day of October 1995, limited however to the district known as ``The Hamilton City'', which does comprise the area delineated on S.O. Plan No. 57982, deposited with the Chief Surveyor of the South Auckland Land District. Dated at Hamilton this 25th day of September 1995. B. S. HARRIS, Chief Executive Officer, Waikato Regional Council.
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28 Sep 1995

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