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Friendly Societies and Credit Unions
Te Teko District Family Credit Union Notice of Annual General Meeting Date: 17 December 1995. Time: 11.00 a.m. Venue: Te Teko School, Te Teko. Business: (a) To ascertain that a quorum is present. (b) The minutes of the last annual general meeting. (c) Report of Directors This will include a report on the financial position of the credit union and an explanation of and a vote on a write down of $1.00 shares to 0.15c going to the credit union solvency and therefore ability to reopen in early 1996. (d) Report of treasurer. (e) Report of trustees. (f) Report of supervisory committee. (g) Any other reports. (h) Unfinished business. (i) New Business Other Than Elections Appointment of auditor and authorisation to directors to fix remuneration. (j) Elections. (k) Adjournment. G. J. H. SHARP, Partner. Bell Gully Buddle Weir.
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7 Dec 1995

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