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Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From the Register I intend to remove the companies named in this notice from the Register under either section 293 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 318 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. The grounds on which I propose to take this action are that I am satisfied that the named companies have ceased to carry on business and that there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence. Objections to the removal of the named companies can be made under either section 296 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 321 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. An objection must be in writing and specify the ground relied on. Any such objections must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Auckland within 20 working days of the date of this notice. A S RIPLEY LIMITED, 11 Seaview Road, Milford, Auckland AK. 092603 A.C. & M. LOWRY LIMITED, 15 Anzac Road, Whangarei AK. 446844 AB INITIO HOLDINGS NO. 14 LIMITED, Sixth Floor, 82 Symonds Street, Auckland 1 AK. 602624 ACCORD GRAPHICS LIMITED, 3A Lewin Road, Epsom, Auckland AK. 247376 ACTINE FARMS LIMITED, 28 Beresford Street, Pukekohe AK. 321266 AKARANA TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, Ling Adams & Ballard, Norcross Building, 2022 Catherine Street, Henderson, Auckland AK. 204876 ALBERMARLS INDUSTRIES LIMITED, 3 Albermarle Place, Massey, Auckland AK. 273686 ALLEGRO ELECTRICAL LIMITED, 28 Flaxdale Street, Birkdale, Auckland AK. 101336 ANGELA'S PLACE LIMITED, 3 Garden Place, Mount Eden, Auckland AK. 118436 ANORCO NUMBER THIRTY LIMITED, care of Hesketh Henry, 2 Kitchener Street, Auckland AK. 554944 AOTEAROA TRADING CO LIMITED, 2 Kowhatu Street, One Tree Hill, Auckland AK. 092352 ARGUFY AUCKLAND LIMITED, General Building, 2933 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 286266 ARGUS MANAGEMENT LIMITED, 136 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 092996 ARJAY ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 129 Line Road, Glen Innes, Auckland AK. 112166 ART COM SOUTH PACIFIC LIMITED, 3/640 Mount Eden Road, Auckland AK. 420184 ASHA INTERNATIONAL 1981 LIMITED, 201 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland 2 AK. 112786 ASHMOLE HOLDINGS LIMITED, Ashmole, Alfriston Ardmore Road, R.D., Manurewa AK. 093316 ASIANA AIRLINES LIMITED, Brookfields, Eighth Floor, 19 Victoria Street, Auckland 1 AK. 599024 B A MEYER LIMITED, 17 Hall Street, Pukekohe AK. 042596 B R BATHHURST LIMITED, 217 Shakespeare Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 097906 BANKLINK LIMITED, Suite Two, 10 Lion Place, ICS House, Newmarket AK. 203002 BEER IT IN MIND LIMITED, 19 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland AK. 277416 BIJOUX CHASSEURS LTD, care of Howarth & Howarth, Tenth Floor, Southpac Tower, 45 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 036696 BILL CARR TRACTORS LIMITED, 1 Second Avenue, Onetangi, Waiheke Island AK. 075513 BIOTECH SOUTH PACIFIC LIMITED, Level Eight, 63 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 587512 BLAIR LUXFORD & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Chapman & Beer, 8 Montel Avenue, Henderson AK. 116056 BOATECH INDUSTRIES LIMITED, Neumegen and Company, Sixth Floor, DFC House, 350 Queen Street, Auckland 1 AK. 308706 BRAIN SOFTWARE LIMITED, 11 Summer Street, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 519932 BRIGARD APPLIANCES LIMITED, 3 Elizabeth Street, Warkworth AK. 330696 C & J NAIRN TRANSPORT LIMITED, care of Clark & Murdoch, 8 Gordon Road, P.O. Box 22-144, Otahuhu 6 AK. 109866 C A BOXHILL LIMITED, 11A Central Avenue, Papatoetoe AK. 083466 C.B. SIZZLERS LIMITED, 75 The Esplanade, Petone, Lower Hutt AK. 497871 CABLEVISION NZ LIMITED, 46 Albert Street, Auckland 1 AK. 111816 CALMAN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, 12 Carriage Close, Howick, Auckland AK. 112256 CAPITAL CONTAINER CONTROL LIMITED, 19 Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 095016 CARAT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, 93 Gowing Drive, Meadowbank, Auckland AK. 279683 CARELLE SERVICES LIMITED, 158 Candia Road, Henderson AK. 477043 CARTY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 41 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 486254 CATHAY N.Z. LIMITED, 76 Saint Heliers Bay Road, Auckland AK. 606714 CHAMELEON MARKETING COMPANY LIMITED, 1113 Falcon Street, Parnell, Auckland 1 AK. 315516 CHARLEMANE HOLDINGS LIMITED, 5 Collier Place, Wanganui AK. 436914 CHESTERFIELD FARMS LIMITED, Ninth Floor, 8690 Lambton Quay, Wellington AK. 547012 CITY SEAFOODS DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED, 59 Carr Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 114166 CLARKE VALLANCE LIMITED, 19 Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 493384 CLARKE'S HOTEL LIMITED, Waipapakauri Hotel, Far North Road, Awanui, Northland AK. 407933 CLASSIQUE NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 77 Chelsea View Drive, Chatswood, Auckland AK. 555314 CLEAN POWER NZ LIMITED, J. M. Donovan McNichol, Clevedon AK. 077406 CLEVELAND DYNAMICS LIMITED, 16 Watling Street, Epsom, Auckland AK. 231366 CLIPWALL SYSTEMS LIMITED, care of the Official Assignee, Sixth Floor, Justice Departmental Building, 3 Kingston Street, Auckland AK. 515514 COMPEX MANAGEMENT LIMITED, care of Luyk & Partners, 55 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 247866 COMPUTEK SERVICING LIMITED, 11 Lovegrove Crescent, Otara, Auckland AK. 624722 CONSULTLINK GROUP LIMITED, Third Floor, Securities House, 76 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 333524 COUNTRYWIDE MEAT PROCESSING LIMITED, Second Floor, Deloitte House, 15 Putney Way, Manukau City AK. 111556 CROWN FORKLIFTS LIMITED, 3B McGee Street, Otahuhu, Auckland AK. 469143 D & R HOPE LIMITED, Huntly West Road, No. 1 R.D., Ngaruawahia AK. 111356 DA DA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, 433 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 268826 DAVID A HARPER LIMITED, Level Five, 50 Anzac Avenue, Auckland AK. 047246 DENNIS FRIEDMAN EARTHMOVERS LIMITED, 22 Sonia Avenue, Remuera, Auckland AK. 068386 DENTAL OPTICAL LIMITED, Room Two, Wright Building, 20 Fort Street, Auckland AK. 067586 DESIGN ONE LIMITED, 418A Hillsborough Road, Auckland AK. 107876 DEVON DESIGN & PRINT (WELLINGTON) LIMITED, 20 Arwen Place, East Tamaki, Auckland AK. 588742 E A REIDY LIMITED, 17 Hall Street, Pukekohe AK. 096526 EARLY TOUCH CO., LIMITED, 153 Chivalry Road, Glenfield, Auckland AK. 584752 EDGEWATER CARRIERS LIMITED, 129 Gossamer Drive, Pakuranga, Auckland AK. 243676 ENNISLEE DRAINAGE LIMITED, 103 Beechdale Crescent, Pakuranga, Auckland AK. 101486 ERAS AGENCIES LIMITED, First Floor, 3 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 511654 ESCUDO MOTOR CO. LIMITED, 7 Mana Place, Manukau City AK. 611034 FALDO HOLDINGS LIMITED, 228 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 404363 FLOORWORKS FLOORING LIMITED, 1 Maidstone Street, Newton, Auckland AK. 280136 FORMTOOL ENGINEERING LIMITED, 173 Moore Street, Howick AK. 083216 FOSI & HARLEY HOLDINGS LIMITED, 82 Wanganui Avenue, Herne Bay, Auckland AK. 600132 FOSS ELECTRIC NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, care of Coopers & Lybrand, 3 Osterley Way, Manukau City, Auckland AK. 557734 FULLERS CAPTAIN COOK CRUISES LIMITED, Coopers & Lybrand, 157165 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 313826 G & Z KAY LIMITED, 161 Waimumu Road, Massey, Auckland 8 AK. 071866 GEOS TRADING CO LIMITED, 189 Hobsonville Road, Hobonsville AK. 107996 GIFTS & GOODIES LIMITED, Third Floor, AIC House, 90 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 116966 GLAMIC FOURTEEN LIMITED, Twenty-fourth Floor, Bank of New Zealand Tower, 125 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 599332 GLENCLOVA FARMS LIMITED, Allen & Allen (Chartered Accountants), Power Board Buildings, Normanby Street, Dargaville AK. 099606 GNOMES HOLDINGS LIMITED, 76 Newhaven Terrace, Mairangi Bay, Auckland AK. 440453 GOLDMARK ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 632 New North Road, Auckland AK. 205716 GOOD SHEPHERD INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED, Anthony R. Thomas, Fifth Floor, 29 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 601832 GOODHOLM HOLDINGS LIMITED, 47A Princess Street, Palmerston North AK. 340406 GORDON TRANSPORT LIMITED, 4/9 Milford Road, P.O. Box 31-157, Milford, Auckland AK. 272843 GUARDIAN ELECTRICAL LIMITED, 36 Dornwell Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 063946 GUTHRIE BROKERS LIMITED, Price Waterhouse, Second Floor, Quay Tower, 29 Customs Street West, Auckland AK. 297576 HAMM & HAK (NEW ZEALAND) LIMITED, 19 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1 AK. 535214 HARRED DISTRIBUTORS WELLINGTON LIMITED, 7 Abbey Street, Newton, Auckland AK. 107686 HARRISON & ANDERSON MOTORS LIMITED, 18 Eden Street, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 087066 HAURAKI GULF EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED, 18 Saint Marks Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 108216 HENDERDON EQUITIES LIMITED, 83 Awaruku Road, Torbay AK. 097986 HERETAUNGA HORTICULTURAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED, 501 Williams Street, Hastings AK. 337456 HIBISCUS WHOLEFOODS LIMITED, 14 Westhoe Road, Orewa, Auckland AK. 363939 HIFAX HOLDINGS LIMITED, 7 Savoy Road, Orewa AK. 336694 HIRD & CORNER LIMITED, 12 Arkley Avenue, Pakuranga AK. 102186 HOLMES FARMS LIMITED, Hareb & Baker, 6 Queen Street, Waiuku AK. 065006 HOLMES-NASEY LIMITED, First Floor, 3 Broadway, Newmarket AK. 049456 HOUSE OF CUNNINGHAM LIMITED, Suite Two, 147 Great South Road, Manurewa AK. 632712 HUNTLY OPEN FRUIT MART LIMITED, 26 Croft Terrace, Huntly AK. 069076 INFORMATION ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 8 Montel Avenue, Henderson, Auckland AK. 275316 INTERLOOM FABRICS LIMITED, Level Seven, SIL House, 4452 Wellesley Street West, Auckland AK. 098036 IRG 4 LIMITED, 18 Angle Street, Onehunga, Auckland AK. 114466 ISOLARE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, care of B. J. Gallagher, Solicitor, Botany Road, Howick AK. 464393 J & D R BAARS LIMITED, Quadrant House, 77 Haupapa Street, Rotorua AK. 085336 J MERCHANT LIMITED, State Highway, Moerewa AK. 057936 JAJUSU HOLDINGS LIMITED, care of Chambers Nicholls, Elders House, 60 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland 3 AK. 066236 JAMES MCCOURTIE TEXTILES LIMITED, care of Textile Centre, Third Floor, The Stand and Kenwyn Street, Parnell, Auckland AK. 115786 JEWELWAY CORPORATION LIMITED, care of Chambers Nicholls, Elders Building, 60 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland AK. 320076 JIM NICHOLLS & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 21 Oscar Road, Greenhithe, Auckland AK. 112656 JIM WOONTON MOTOR TRIMMERS LIMITED, 51 Park Rise, Campbells Bay, Auckland AK. 092706 JOHN BATISTIC LIMITED, 2/30 The Concourse, Henderson, Auckland AK. 102896 JOHN BULL FOOTWEAR LIMITED, Coopers & Lybrand, Twelfth Floor, CML Building, 157165 Queen Street, Auckland 1 AK. 043286 JOHN MACLAREN POOLS LIMITED, 10 Maheke Street, Saint Heliers, Auckland 5 AK. 117376 JOLLEY STATIONERS LIMITED, 3105 Great North Road, New Lynn AK. 098216 JOURNEYS LIMITED, 5 Woontons Road, Titirangi, Auckland AK. 553834 JUST JEANS (1990) LIMITED, Ingham Mora Malcolm & Rassell, 9 Prince Street, Mount Maunganui AK. 336954 K.G. LOCKYER LIMITED, Kenneth FW Chung, (Chartered Accountant), 39 Thackeray Street, Hamilton AK. 101376 KALAHARI DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, Tenth Floor, Price Waterhouse Centre, 66 Wyndham Street, Auckland AK. 595842 KAURI DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, Fifteenth Floor, Tower Two, The Shortland Centre, 5565 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 071806 KAWERAU CHAINSAWS AND MOWERS LIMITED, 7 King Street, Whakatane AK. 116586 KEN FRICKER LIMITED, corner of East Street and Elliott Street, Papakura, Auckland AK. 071756 KENNETH PEARSON ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 677 Great North Road, Auckland AK. 273716 KEY CHEMICALS LIMITED, 133 Vincent Street, Auckland AK. 331183 KINGSFORD FLATS LIMITED, First Floor, South British Building, 507 Lake Road, Takapuna AK. 603414 KIWI SIAM LIMITED, 176 Parker Road, Oratia, Auckland AK. 104576 KNIGHTS VIEW FARMS LIMITED, W. J. Langman, Matapouri, R.D. 3, Whangarei AK. 086716 KOBEEF INTERNATIONAL (N.Z.) LIMITED, care of Tower Business Services, 33 Duke Street, Cambridge AK. 581412 KOMATUA HOME LIMITED, 130 Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland AK. 243786 LAKESIDE RESORTS LIMITED, 18 Byron Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 241484 LARSEN ADVERTISING & PROMOTIONS LIMITED, 36 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland AK. 102516 LAW STORE NO. 31 LIMITED, Level Two, 50 Anzac Avenue, Auckland AK. 485304 LE BAKERY LIMITED, 2 Saint Johns Road, Meadowbank, Auckland AK. 310394 LLOYD ELECTRICAL LIMITED, 34 Saddleback Rise, Murrays Bay, Auckland AK. 547402 LUTINE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Ernst & Young, National Mutual Centre, 3741 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 281226 M. & M. SALIM LIMITED, 581 Great South Road, Otahuhu, Auckland AK. 563914 M.P. CARPENTER LIMITED, 5 Cheriton Road, Howick, Auckland AK. 288996 MACRO BROKERS LIMITED, Third Floor, Rural Bank Building, 205 Federal Street, Auckland AK. 335494 MACWAY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, 19 Earlesworth Avenue, Mangere, Auckland AK. 111566 MAGNET HOLDINGS LIMITED, corner of Swanson and O'Neill Roads, Swanson AK. 342174 MARINO FINANCE LIMITED, Byers & Hayward, Dickeson Street, Kaikohe AK. 112946 MARIO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANTS LIMITED, Mario's Italian Restaurants Limited, Victoria Park Market, Fh/0/1, Victoria Street/17 Drake Street, Auckland AK. 630432 MARSDEN POINT INDUSTRIAL SUBDIVISIONS LIMITED, National Provident House, Sixth Floor, 369 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 108426 MAXWELL JEWELLERS 1978 LIMITED, Peat Marwick, Eleventh Floor, Peat Marwick Tower, 85 Alexandra Street, Hamilton AK. 104253 MCNICHOLL HOLDING LIMITED, 180 Upper Harbour Drive, R.D. 1, Albany, Auckland AK. 066186 MELVILLE MOTORS LIMITED, 217 Shakespeare Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 100706 MICK ELMES YACHTS LIMITED, 19 Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 099156 MICROPROCESSOR APPLICATIONS (N.Z.) LIMITED, 28 Heather Street, Parnell, Auckland AK. 291226 MODUS LIGHTING LIMITED, 13 Ophir Street, Auckland AK. 261074 MORGAN BEAR GROUP LIMITED, 36 King Richard Place, Browns Bay, Auckland AK. 432613 MOTOR & GENERAL SERVICES LIMITED, Level Eleven, KPMG Peat Marwick Centre, 9 Princes Street, Auckland AK. 118346 MP ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 19 Hope Farm Avenue, Pakuranga AK. 648622 NAIL GEMS (NZ) LIMITED, 155 Beach Road, Castor Bay, Auckland AK. 274156 NATIONAL CHEMICAL CO (NZ) LIMITED, National Mutual Centre, 3741 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 607240 NEW LAND CORPORATION LIMITED, 7 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 655348 NEW LYNN ASSEMBLERS LIMITED, 20 Clemow Drive, Mount Wellington, Auckland AK. 241586 NEW WOMENS PRESS LIMITED, 85 Richmond Road, Auckland 2 AK. 115106 NEW ZEALAND CHINESE MEDICAL CENTRE LIMITED, 52 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland AK. 591712 NEWMARKET DECORATORS LIMITED, care of R. N. Kennerly, 207 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 528399 NORTHLAND MANPOWER SERVICES LIMITED, care of Crawford Syers & Hamilton, Chartered Accountants, 113 Bank Street, Whangarei AK. 117266 NZ VENISON LIMITED, National Provident House, Sixth Floor, 369 Queen Street, Auckland 1 AK. 073476 OPAL RIDGE LIMITED, Cooper & Lybrand, NM Building, Whangarei AK. 372274 OPENSHAW HOLDINGS LIMITED, 6 Seabrook Avenue, New Lynn AK. 309656 P & M A HUI LIMITED, Otanarei Dairy, William Jones Drive, Whangarei AK. 114576 P. & L. SRHOJ LIMITED, corner of Poulston Street and Massey Avenue, Pukekohe AK. 091616 P.M.C. (NZ) LIMITED, Ferrier Hodgson & Co, Sixteenth Floor, Southpac Tower, 45 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 535803 PACIFIC TECHNICS LIMITED, 44A Ranui Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 102196 PACIFIC TRAILWAYS LIMITED, 13 Duncan Avenue, Sandringham, Auckland AK. 278986 PARSONAGE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Racal House, 3 Margot Street, Epsom, Auckland AK. 390243 PAUANUI PACIFIC (N.Z.) LIMITED, Puka Park Helitours Limited, Shepherd Avenue, Pauanui AK. 409296 PENGUIN CATERING LIMITED, Eden Park, Reimers Avenue, Auckland AK. 060046 PETER G MASSEY LIMITED, corner of Roulston Street and Massey Avenue, Pukekohe AK. 069486 PHILLIPS & SMITH MANUFACTURING LIMITED, Fourth Floor, 136 Broadway, Newmarket AK. 207476 PINE TRAVEL LIMITED, National Mutual Arcade, 31 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 384762 PLEASE PROMOTIONS NZ LIMITED, First Floor, Hercules House, 50 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 116836 PM & C ONE HOLDINGS LIMITED, Fourth Floor, ASB Building, 136 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 324466 PONSONBY SUPERMARKET LIMITED, 252 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 118286 PRODUCT VENTURES LIMITED, 4 Bern Place, Birkenhead, Auckland AK. 504214 QUENOM INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Twenty-first Level, Coopers & Lybrand Building, 2329 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 247856 R & G HOLDINGS LIMITED, 32 Tasman Street, Pukekohe, Auckland AK. 566634 R H & L M CORLETT LIMITED, 25A Glendhu Road, Glenfield, Auckland 10 AK. 105666 R L GRIFFITHS & CO LIMITED, 1 Princess Street, Auckland AK. 041766 RAM COMPUTER SERVICING LIMITED, 2 Rata Street, New Lynn, Auckland AK. 606432 RANDY HORWOOD LIMITED, care of Spicer and Oppenheim, First Floor, 17 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 103766 RAPSONS QUARRIES LIMITED, 27 Enterprise Street, Birkenhead, Auckland 1310 AK. 053426 RELTUB NO 3 LIMITED, care of Deloitte Ross Tohmatsu, Level Thirteen, Tower Two, The Shortland Centre, Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 077096 REST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Level Seven, SIL House, 4452 Wellesley Street West, Auckland AK. 133656 REX HUDSON PHOTOGRAPHY LIMITED, 16 Cameron Street, Takapuna AK. 254976 REXIM TRADING WHOLESALE LIMITED, 29A Picton Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 111616 RHEMA SALES LIMITED, 1/18 Abercrombie Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 087186 RINNAI NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 691 Mount Albert Road, Royal Oak, Auckland AK. 094694 ROBERT D & J MCKIBBIN LIMITED, 35 Rua Road, Glen Eden, Auckland AK. 112906 ROCKET CARGO (N.Z.) LIMITED, 28 Tedwilliam Street, Avondale, Auckland AK. 297556 ROUSSEL NZ LIMITED, 19 Morgan Street, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 062036 RUSSIAN ENERGY CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 125 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 093196 S. & E. CHALMERS LIMITED, Landing Road, Titirangi, Auckland AK. 262116 SANDRINGHAM QUALITY MEATS LIMITED, 1333 Dominion Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 4 AK. 104316 SCALE-WEIGH SYSTEMS LIMITED, 20 Honan Place, Avondale, Auckland AK. 097066 SEAGLASS HOLDINGS LIMITED, Russell House, Wellington Street, Russell AK. 112566 SEAWAYS SERVICES LIMITED, 107B Abbots Way, Remuera AK. 270166 SELAH PUBLICATIONS LIMITED, 160 Great South Road, Manurewa, Auckland AK. 310406 SHALL CONTRACTORS LIMITED, 141 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe AK. 527035 SHEEPSKIN PRODUCTS NZ LIMITED, 66C Barrys Point Road, Takapuna AK. 116976 SMITH & SUCKLING LIMITED, Dent Street, Whangarei AK. 255763 SOUTHERN YACHTS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, corner of East and Wood Streets, Papakura AK. 202986 SOUVENIR JIGSAWS LIMITED, 6 Marino Place, Kaikohe AK. 568122 SPEEDWAY TRACK PROMOTIONS LIMITED, 387391 Great North Road, Henderson AK. 084236 SUPREME CARS LIMITED, 4 Riksha Place, Takanini AK. 106566 SYSTEM ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, Level Five, 60 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 583824 TANE SERVICES LIMITED, 10B Parity Place, Glenfield, Auckland AK. 083733 TARAIRE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Hope Gibbons Building, 711 Dixon Street, Wellington (P.O. Box 6090, Te Aro) AK. 071766 TELERUX TRADING LIMITED, 2 Pompallier Terrace, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 230946 THE PADLOCK COMPANY LIMITED, care of Spicer & Oppenheim, 17 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 522234 THE PUZZLING COMPANY ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 12 Rata Road, Devonport, Auckland AK. 305166 THE SIMPLE LIVING HEALTH SHOP LIMITED, Fourteenth Floor, 17 Victoria Street West, Auckland AK. 048576 TILT SYSTEMS LIMITED, Third Floor, 90 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 232816 TIRITI CORP CONSULTANCIES LIMITED, First Floor, 268 Great South Road, Otahuhu, Auckland AK. 499734 TOM HOPKINS SALES TRAINING (NZ) LIMITED, 30 Rockfield Road, Ellerslie, Auckland AK. 240966 TOPMARK MOTORS LIMITED, 150 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland AK. 048366 TRADE PRESSING CO LIMITED, 547 Mount Eden Road, Auckland 3 AK. 048746 TRAVEL ACTIVE NEW ZEALAND/WORLD TRAVELLERS NETWORK LIMITED, Level Three, 12 Custom Street, Auckland AK. 590624 TRISTAN FILMS 1983 LIMITED, 57 Turanga Road, Waiatarua AK. 207046 TRUNK HOLDINGS LIMITED, Level Thirteen, Tower Two, Shortland Centre, Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 150446 TYAX HOLDINGS LIMITED, Wylie McDonald, Level Three, Customhouse, 50 Anzac Avenue, Auckland AK. 647022 ULTIMATE COMPUTER LIMITED, First Floor, Eden House, 44 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland AK. 231634 VACATION HOTEL (TE ANAU) LIMITED, Level Thirteen, Countrywide Bank Centre, 280 Queen Street, Auckland 1 AK. 100765 VACATION HOTELS (PROPERTIES) LIMITED, Level Thirteen, Countrywide Bank Centre, 280 Queen Street, Auckland 1 AK. 071320 VAHESIN NO.2 LIMITED, Suite Two, 147 Great South Road, Manurewa AK. 635533 VAHESIN NO.6 LIMITED, Suite Two, 147 Great South Road, Manurewa AK. 635542 VORTEX NOMINEES LIMITED, Level Seventeen, The Shortland Centre, 5153 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 297056 W.O.F.T.A.M. CORPORATION LIMITED, care of Lifestyle Sports, corner of Lake Road and The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 616913 WALTER INVESTMENTS LIMITED, care of Mr Desmond T. Morris, 23 Hall Street, Pukekohe AK. 060336 WATERLEA AUTO SERVICES 1972 LIMITED, Quarry Road, R.D. 3, Clevedon AK. 050986 WEDDING WORLD LIMITED, corner of Springs Road and Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki, Auckland AK. 289786 WHITES HOLDINGS LIMITED, 433 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 044396 WHITFORD RURAL SERVICES LIMITED, 19 Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 242056 WILFRED PECK LIMITED, Ling Adams & Ballard, 2022 Catherine Street, Norcross Building, Henderson, Auckland 8 AK. 055296 WILLIE YOUNG ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 3 Peart View, Saint Johns Park, Auckland 5 AK. 077196 WINDSTAR AGENCIES LIMITED, J. J. Wilson, 385A Remuera Road, Auckland 5 AK. 110356 WINGATE HOME SERVICES LIMITED, 11 Binstead Street, New Lynn AK. 262536 WRING HOLDINGS LIMITED, 119B Portland Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 335914 YAMANASHI AUTO PARTS (NZ) LIMITED, Coopers & Lybrand House, 2129 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington AK. 637462 ZARAHEMLA PROJECTS LIMITED, 103 Symonds Street, Royal Oak, Auckland AK. 522524 NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.
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14 Sep 1995

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