Please note that a person may be discharged from bankruptcy after 3 years and a No Asset Procedure after 1 year. Please check the Insolvency Register on the Insolvency and Trustee Service website for the current status of a debtor.

Publication of bankruptcy adjudications and of debtors admitted to a No Asset Procedure changed in December 2018. From that time the Insolvency and Trustee Service has published all adjudications in the New Zealand Gazette by providing a link from the Gazette website to the Insolvency Register.

Other bankruptcy notices, including orders annulling or rescinding adjudications, can be found in the Insolvency and Trustee Services’ Public Notices.

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Wellington The following persons were adjudicated bankrupt on the dates below: 20 March 1995 Rowe, Gary John, machine setter, formerly of 34 Garden Road, Karori and 196B Hutt Road, Lower Hutt, now of 138 Normandale Road, Lower Hutt. Akuhata, Charmaine C. of 16 Westmeath Street, Porirua. 22 March 1995 Trainor, Paddy Shane, sickness beneficiary, formerly of 2 Grant Crescent, Masterton, 31 Colombo Road, Masterton and 11 Baden Street, Levin, now of 67 Villa Street, Masterton. Nicol, Geoffrey Alexander, storeperson, formerly of 256B Selby Street, Floreat, W.A. 6014, now of Unit 66, 99 Herdsman Parade, Wembey, W.A. 6014, Australia. 27 March 1995 Hermansen, John Roger, salesman, formerly of Battersea Road, Greytown, now of 70 Thackeray Street, Upper Hutt. Morris, Garry James, labourer, formerly of 39 Victoria Street, Masterton and 102E Gordon Street, Masterton, now of 62 Totora Street, Masterton. Morris, Deborah Joan, housewife, formerly of 39 Victoria Street, Masterton and 102E Gordon Street, Masterton, now of 62 Totora Street, Masterton. 28 March 1995 Scott, Kevin, unemployed, formerly of 7 Charwell Place, Palmerston North, now of 290B Cockayne Road, Ngaio. 29 March 1995 Dick, Margaret, sickness beneficiary of 19A Victoria Street, Levin. 31 March 1995 De Paul, Dana, sickness beneficiary of 112 Calabor Road, Miramar. 3 April 1995 Wheatley, Denis George of 40 Cole Street, Masterton. Gayland, Kim Marie, cook of 70 Owen Street, Newtown. Roberts, Henry Thomas, formerly of 41 Donnelly Drive, Wainuiomata, now of 1 Tyndall Street, Lower Hutt. Roberts, Rina Lyndsay of 41 Donnelly Drive, Wainuiomata. Green, Eric, garage proprietor (trading as Tyre & Muffler Services) of 27 Peka Peka Road, Peka Peka, Waikanae. Holmes, Frederick David, accountant of 20 Hathaway Avenue, Karori, Wellington. O'Connell, Stephen John of 18 Wise Street, Wainuiomata. OFFICIAL ASSIGNEE, Commercial Affairs Division, Private Bag 5901, Wellington. Telephone: (04) 471 1028. Facsimile: (04) 499 4170.
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20 Apr 1995

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