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The Authorised Futures Dealers Notice 1995 (No. 11) Pursuant to section 38 of the Securities Amendment Act 1988, the Securities Commission gives the following notice: N o t i c e 1. Title and commencement (1) This notice may be cited as the Authorised Futures Dealers Notice 1995 (No. 11). (2) This notice shall come into force on the day of its publication in the New Zealand Gazette. 2. Interpretation (1) In this notice, unless the context otherwise requires ``the Act'' means the Securities Amendment Act 1988; ``the company'' means New Zealand Futures & Options Exchange Limited. (2) Any term or expression that is not defined in this notice, but that is defined in the Act, has the meaning given to it by the Act. 3. FIMAT SNC authorised to carry on business of dealing in futures contracts (1) FIMAT SNC is hereby authorised to carry on the business of dealing in futures contracts generally. (2) The authorisation referred to in subclause (1) of this clause is subject to the following conditions: (a) that FIMAT SNC is a public broker within the meaning of the rules of the exchange; and (b) that FIMAT SNC is bound by the rules of the exchange; and that the authorisation applies in respect of futures contracts made on or effected through the exchange or through a futures exchange in a country other than New Zealand which is authorised by the laws of that country to operate as a futures exchange. (3) The authorisation granted by subclause (1) of this clause shall continue in force until it is revoked by the Commission. The common seal of the Securities Commission was hereunto affixed this 11th day of December 1995 before me: l.s. E. H. ABERNETHY, Chairman.
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14 Dec 1995

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