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Approval of the Fitting and Use of Cornering Lamps on Motor Vehicles Pursuant to regulation 88 (1) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, I, Michael Joseph Small, Senior Vehicle Compliance Officer, hereby approve for the purposes of regulation 65 of the Traffic Regulations 1976, the fitting and use of auxiliary lamps of the type specified in Schedule 1 of this notice, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 2 of this notice. Schedule 1 Cornering lamps in the form of steadily burning lamps used in conjunction with the vehicle's direction indicator lamp system to supplement the vehicle's headlamps by providing illumination in the direction of the turn. Schedule 2 Conditions A motor vehicle, other than a trailer, may be fitted with two cornering lamps, one at each front corner of the vehicle, providing that: (i) These lamps are mounted at a height not greater than that of the headlamps; (ii) These lamps operate only whilst the headlamps and/or the parklamps are in use; (iii) Only the cornering lamp on the same side of the vehicle as the active direction indicator lamp, is to be illuminated; (iv) These lamps emit only white or amber light; (v) These lamps are set in a permanently dipped position; (vi) These lamps are not visible from the rear; (vii) These lamps do not flash; and (viii) These lamps comply with one of the following: Article 33-2; SAE J852; or ADR 45/00. Withdrawl of Approval I hereby withdraw the approval published in the New Zealand Gazette on 16 March 1995, No. 24, page 752, titled ``Approval of the fitting and use of Cornering Lamps on Motor Vehicles''. Dated at Wellington this 24th day of November 1995. M. J. SMALL, Senior Vehicle Compliance Officer, acting under the authority delegated to me by way of instrument of delegation, dated 21 July 1995.
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30 Nov 1995

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