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English in the New Zealand Curriculum Notice Pursuant to section 75 of the Education Act 1964, as amended by section 5 of the Education Amendment Act (No. 2) 1982, the Minister of Education hereby prescribes as from 1 January 1995, the syllabus for Junior to Form 2 classes of primary schools as described below: English in the New Zealand Curriculum This syllabus defines the aims and objectives for English education in New Zealand primary and secondary schools. It sets out, in progressive levels, achievement objectives for English education in each of the strands: oral language (listening and speaking); written language (reading and writing); and visual language (viewing and presenting). It describes the ways in which the essential skills of the national curriculum will be taught and learned through English education. Copies of English in the New Zealand Curriculum have been issued to all primary teachers and to all secondary teachers of English. Further copies can be obtained from Learning Media Limited, P.O. Box 39-055, Wellington Mail Centre, at a cost of $24.95 per copy. The syllabus known as Language in the Primary School: English (1961), referred to in the syllabus notice made under the Education Act (1964); its supplement Elements of the Teaching of Reading (1983), published in the New Zealand Gazette of 19 May 1983, No. 66, page 1561; the supplements Teaching Handwriting (1985) and Statement of Aims (1986); and the syllabus English Forms 35: Statement of Aims (1983), are hereby revoked as from 31 December 1995. The draft syllabus for schools, English Forms 6 and 7 (1992), is hereby annulled as from 31 December 1995. Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of November 1995. LOCKWOOD SMITH ph.d, Minister of Education. go7848
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30 Nov 1995

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