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Winding up/Liquidations
Notice of Resolution for Voluntary Liquidation In the matter of the Companies Amendment Act 1993, and in the matter of Ballinadee Holdings Limited (in liquidation): Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to section 211 (2) (a) of the Companies Amendment Act 1993, Peter George Steel, chartered accountant of Price Waterhouse, Christchurch, was appointed liquidator of Ballinadee Holdings Limited (in liquidation). The liquidation commenced on the 5th day of October 1994. Inquiries may be directed by a creditor or shareholder of the company during normal business hours to Mr G. F. Eitzinger at 119 Armagh Street on Telephone No.: (03) 379 0040. Notice is also given that the liquidator hereby fixes the 4th day of November 1994, as the day on or before which the creidtors of the company are to make their claims and to establish any priority their claims may have under section 286 of the Companies Amendment Act 1993. Note: The company is being liquidated as part of a restructuring of the shareholders' affairs. Dated this 11th day of October 1994. P. G. STEEL, Liquidator. Address for Service: Price Waterhouse, P.O. Box 13-250, Christchurch.
Publication Date
20 Oct 1994

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