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IMPORTANT --- READ BELOW ******************************************************** [XI] Bills Assented To Note: The title of the Act is shown in italics where this differs from the Bill. [qp] Government Bills Assent No. 14 September 1994 Income Tax Amendment (No. 2) 94/76 Income Tax Amendment Goods and Services Tax Amendment 94/77 Estate and Gift Duties Amendment 94/78 Stamp and Cheque Duties Amendment 94/79 Inland Revenue Department Amendment 94/80 Companies Act 1955 Amendment (No. 3) 94/81 Companies Act 1993 Amendment (No. 2) 94/82 Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities Amendment 94/83 Local Bills [rt] 16 September 1994 Hastings District Council (Sale of Liquor) Empowering 94/3 Otago Regional Council (Kuriwao Endowment Lands) 94/4 [xt] Summary of Bills Presented This section contains a prcis of all bills presented to the House this week. Not all bills presented are introduced. The introduction of a bill requires the agreement of the House. Social Security Amendment Amends the Social Security Act 1964. The purpose of the bill is to make clear that, with certain exceptions, income-related insurance payments received by applicants for benefits are to be treated as income for the purposes of that Act. The principal exceptions are: (a) Debt insurance payments, being payments made under contracts of insurance or by reason of a person's membership of a society, organisation, or body made for the purpose of repaying and used to repay existing debt: (b) Health or disability insurance payments, being payments made under contracts of insurance or by reason of membership of societies, organisations, or bodies that provide for the payment or reimbursement of health or disability care costs and that are used to meet those costs. (Hon. Peter Gresham/Referred to Social Services Committee)
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22 Sep 1994

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