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Advertisement of Application for Order Under Section 209 of the Companies Act 1955 M. No. 1931/93 In the High Court of New Zealand, Auckland Registry Under section 209 of the Companies Act 1955, between Laurence Clifford Hullena, engineer of 89 Albert Road, Devonport Plaintiff: And Product Publicity (NZ) Limited, textile importer, a duly incorporated company having its registered office at Auckland Defendant: Take notice that on the 13th day of December 1993, an application for an order under section 209 of the Companies Act 1955 in respect of Product Publicity (NZ) Limited was filed in the High Court at Auckland. The orders sought are orders regulating conduct of the affairs of that company to restrict it paying off expenses or drawings to certain persons named in the proceedings; forbidding attempts by that company to dismiss the plaintiff in the proceedings as a director of the company until it has purchased all his shares, for the finalisation of balances owing by the company to the plaintiff; and for ancillary orders. The application is to be heard before the High Court at Auckland on the 27th day of January 1994 at 10 a.m. Any person, other than the defendant company, who wishes to appear on the hearing of the application must file an appearance not later than the second working day before that day. The applicant (plaintiff) is Laurence Clifford Hullena, whose address for service is at the offices of Schnauer & Co, Solicitors, 220224 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland 9. Further particulars may be obtained from the office of the Court or from the applicant or the applicant's solicitor. D. L. SCHNAUER, Solicitor for the Applicant.
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13 Jan 1994

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