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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
The instruments of title described in the Schedule hereto having been declared lost, notice is hereby given of my intention to replace the same by the issue of new or provisional instruments upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Schedule Memorandum of lease affecting the land in certificate of title 23B/1494 whereby Kevin Verdun Wright, sports coach and Annette Teresa Wright, registered nurse, both of Auckland, are the lessees. Application C. 683162.1. Certificate of title 47A/59 in the name of Leonard Alfred Stockwell, retired of Auckland and memorandum of lease 721797.3 affecting the land in the said certificate of title whereby the said Leonard Alfred Stockwell is the lessee. Application C. 683394.1. Certificate of title 488/98 in the name of Gwenda Dawn Williams, receptionist of Auckland. Application C. 683542.1. Certificate of title 17D/226 in the names of Joanna Mary Meredith-Hardy, married woman of London, England, Jonathon Espie Porritt and Jeremy Charles Porritt, students, formerly of London, England, now respectively, executive of Cheltenham, England and business person of London, England. Application C. 683935.2. Certificates of title 12D/1218 in the name of Henry Earle Pendergrast, clerk of Pikeno. Application C. 683972.1. Certificate of title 405/55 in the name of Rita Waters, married woman of Papakura. Application C. 684605.1. Certificate of title 13A/1214 in the name of Joan Ilma Robertson, spinster of Auckland. Application C. 685308.1. Certificate of title 54D/879 in the names of Colin Henry Bailey, farmer and Annette Valerie Bailey, married woman, both of Whangarei. Application C. 685310.1. Memorandum of lease 295372.2 affecting the land in certificate of title 30D/464 whereby Beatrice Ivory Finlayson, widow of Whangarei, is the lessee. Application C. 685598.1. Certificate of title 51D/343 in the names of Lloyd Gordon Neels, operator of Whangarei and Sandra Lynne Neels, his wife. Application C. 686195.4. Memorandum of lease 394098.3 affecting the land in certificate of title 41B/224 whereby Robert Narev, Paul Ewen Callaghan, solicitors and Bruce Redvers Perkins, chartered accountant, all of Auckland, are the lessees. Application C. 686238.1. Certificate of title 95A/791 in the names of Cosmas Abah, engineer of Auckland and Susana Lim, his wife. Application C. 686430.1. Certificate of title 48D/588 in the name of The Rodney County Council for the purposes of a recreation reserve. Application C. 686745.1. Certificate of title 1816/19 in the names of Stella Constance Driver, married woman of Kerikeri and Arnold Victor Driver, retired of Whangarei and certificate of title 93A/614 in the name of Arnold Victor Driver, farmer of Whangarei. Application C. 687044.1. Certificate of title 389/184 in the name of Edwin David Pownall, carpenter of Auckland. Application C. 687129.1. Memorandum of lease B. 614272.9 affecting the land in certificate of title 63D/127 whereby Paul James Patrick Feeney, manager of Auckland and Claire Marie Feeney, his wife, are the lessees. Application C. 687149.1. Memorandum of lease A123325 affecting the land in certificate of title 35D/819 whereby Brian Harold Johnston, sewing mechanic of Auckland and Marjorie Ethel Johnston, his wife, are the lessees. Application C. 687744.2. Certificate of title 418/46 in the names of Christine Burzig, fitter welder of Auckland and Angela Gudrun Burzig, his wife. Application C. 689373.1. Dated this 8th day of December 1994 at the Land Registry Office at Auckland. E. P. O'CONNOR, District Land Registrar (North Auckland Registry).
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15 Dec 1994

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