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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
The instruments of title, memorandum of mortgage, deferred payment licence, lease and renewable lease described in the Schedule hereto, having been declared lost, notice is hereby given of my intention to replace the same by the issue of new or provisional instruments upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Schedule Memorandum of lease A. 296768 affecting certificate of title 14D/962 whereby Roy Evans and Evelyn Evans are the lessees. Application C. 544336.1. Certificate of title 41C/1095 in the name of John Robert Trundle, retired of Pukekohe. Application C. 544575.2. Memorandum of lease 723780.2 affecting certificate of title 41C/1095 whereby John Robert Trundle is the lessee. Application C. 544575.2. Memorandum of lease 021605.3 affecting certificate of title 23C/1197 whereby Petrus Christiaan Vermeulen and Dianne Belle Vermeulen are the lessees. Application C. 545870.1. Certificate of title 11C/444 in the names of Leonard David Smither, driver of Auckland, and Sharyn Christine Smither, his wife. Application C. 545949.1. Certificate of title 37D/668 in the names of David Edward Hedge, business operations manager of Hong Kong, and Alison Joy Hedge, his wife. Application C. 546604.1. Memorandum of mortgages B. 030305.1 and B. 731656.1 affecting certificates of title 94D/297, 94D/298, 770/254 and 93D/334 whereby the public trustee and the Rural Banking and Finance Corporation of New Zealand are the mortgagees (respectively). Application C. 546782.1. Certificate of title 23B/2 in the names of Desmond Edward Mellor, technician of Auckland and Daphne Beulah Mellor, his wife. Application C. 547359.1. Memorandum of lease 298393.1 affecting certificate of title 30C/304 whereby William Alexander Stubbing is the lessee. Application C. 547794.1. Certificate of title 484/151 in the name of Catherine Drummond Bradley, widow of Auckland. Application C. 547830.1. Memorandum of lease 323943.5 affecting certificate of title 32C/820 whereby Barrie Denise Trylsson is the lessee. Application C. 548207.1. Memorandum of lease 171678.4 affecting certificate of title 38A/463 whereby William Thomas Ogle and Mary Ogle are the lessees. Application C. 548266.1. Certificate of title 73A/524 in the name of Alfhild Kidd, widow of Auckland. Application C. 548394.1. Memorandum of lease B. 870573.2 affecting certificate of title 73A/524 whereby Alfhild Kidd is the lessee. Application C. 548394.1. Certificate of title 61D/964 in the names of Henry Ivan Stevens, salesman of Auckland and Dorothy May Stevens, his wife. Application C. 549092.1. Certificate of title 164/27 in the name of Antoinette Fergus Bertram, widow of Auckland. Application C. 549098.1. Certificate of title 2B/980 in the name of John Wells, butcher of Henderson. Application C. 549165.1. Certificate of title 7C/1364 in the names of Sharyn Ellen Gorringe, feme sole and Robert Charles Cawthorne, self employed, both of Whangaparaoa. Application C. 549170.1. Certificate of title 4B/165 in the names of Barry Thomas Sullivan, metal polisher of Auckland and Hazel Margaret Sullivan, his wife. Application C. 549173.1. Memorandum of lease 630159.4 affecting certificate of title 29C/1163 whereby June May Robinson is the lessee. Application C. 549331.1. Dated this 15th day of December 1993 at the Land Registry Office at Auckland. E. P. O'CONNOR, District Land Registrar.
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13 Jan 1994

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