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Revocation of a Part of a Declaration That Private Land Shall be Protected Private Land Pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Regional Conservator of the Nelson/Marlborough Conservancy of the Department of Conservation, hereby revokes that part of the notice published in the New Zealand Gazette, 3 July 1986, No. 102, page 2833, declaring that the private land shall be protected private land for scientific purposes, subject to the provisions of the said Act, over that part of the land described in the Schedule hereto. Schedule Marlborough Land District Kaikoura District 594.7280 hectares, more or less, being parts Section 1, Block XIII, S.O. 5945 and part Section 4B2 of 2 Mangamaunu Maori Block, situated in Block IV, Puhipuhi Survey District, being more particularly shown as ``A'' on D.P. 6652 and ``A'' to ``E'' on S.O. 6425. Part certificates of title 5B/342 and 27/38. Dated at Nelson this 3rd day of May 1994. H. F. M. LOGAN, Regional Conservator. (DOC C.O. PPL 113)1CL
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12 May 1994

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