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Waikanae Scientific Reserve Bylaws Pursuant to section 106 (3) of the Reserves Act1977 (called the Act) the Minister of Conservation makes the following bylaws for the control and administration of the Waikanae Scientific Reserve as described in the Schedule (called the reserve). Reserve Open To The Public 1. (a) Subject to the provisions of these bylaws, the reserve shall be open to the public at all times, except during such times as the Regional Conservator, Department of Conservation, Wellington (called the Regional Conservator) determines with or without public notification that the reserve or parts of the reserve shall be closed to the public for the protection of the flora and fauna. (b) No person shall enter the reserve or remain therein during the time when the reserve or parts of the reserve are closed to the public. Vehicles 2. No person unless authorised by the Regional Conservator may drive or ride any vehicle (whether propelled by mechanical power or not and including bicycles) within the reserve. Animals 3. (a) No person shall bring any animal into the reserve or allow any animal in the person's custody or control to be within the reserve unless authorised in writing by the Regional Conservator. (b) Any person authorised by the Regional Conservator (either generally or in any particular case) may seize, detain or destroy any animal found on the reserve without authorisation. Fires 4. No person shall light any fire, without the prior written consent of the Regional Conservator. Misbehaviour 5. (a) Within the said reserve no person shall wilfully obstruct, disturb, or interfere with any other person in the use or enjoyment of the said reserve or use foul, abusive, indecent or obscene language, or be intoxicated, noisy or riotous, or in any way misbehave. (b) No person shall throw any stick, stone or other missile within the reserve. (c) Where any person commits an offence against the foregoing bylaw that person shall commit a further offence if that person does not leave the said reserve when so requested by an officer or agent of the Department of Conservation. Dangerous Weapons 6. Except with the prior written permission of the Regional Conservator, no person shall within the reserve carry or use any weapon or instrument of a dangerous character (including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing provisions, any bow and arrow, catapult or shanghai). Damage To Property 7. No person shall remove, disturb, break, destroy, paint or carve or write names or letters or words or figures or devices on, or deface any building, natural object, erection, tool, instrument, seat, sign, gate, bridge, fence, tree or shrub within the reserve. General 8. Nothing in these bylaws shall be deemed to limit or prevent the taking of proceedings under any Act in respect of any offence committed within the said reserve. Offences 9. (a) No member of the public may enter the reserve or remain there except in accordance with these bylaws. (b) Every person who commits a breach of these bylaws commits an offence and is liable accordingly to the penalty prescribed in section 104 of the Reserves Act 1977. Schedule 11.1860 hectares, more or less, being Section 1, S.O. 37103, situated in Blocks III and IV, Kapiti Survey District. Part New Zealand Gazette notice B. 325243. 4.8100 hectares, more or less, being Lots 1, 4 and 5, D.P. 52594, situated in Block III, Kapiti Survey District and Block IX, Kaitawa Survey District. Part New Zealand Gazette notice B. 325243. 15.2200 hectares, more or less, being Lot 5, D.P. 71625. All C.T. 42D/865. 27.3014 hectares, more or less, being Lot 1, D.P. 50376 and Lot 5, D.P. 52796. All C.T. 22D/273. Dated at Wellington this 10th day of March 1994. DENIS MARSHALL, Minister of Conservation.
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17 Mar 1994

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