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Marriage Celebrants for 1994 Notice No. 41 Pursuant to the provisions of section 11 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of Marriage Celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information: Alderson, Colin Arnold, Christadelphians. Baxter, Stephen Lyndon, Anglican. Bunyan, Grace Doreen, Assemblies of God in New Zealand. Cherrington, Moses Henare, Anglican. Clark, Stuart Roderick, Zion Christian Fellowship. Clow, Robert John, Presbyterian. Elizabeth, Clare, The Independant Church of Australia. Marshall, Christopher David, Bible College of New Zealand Inc. Moss, Richard William, The Independant Church of Australia. Reynolds, Philip Gibbs, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Rolston, Ronald George, Brethren. Rubie, Trevor Arthur, Rock City Church. Spackman, Dennis Bernard, Calvary Bible Fellowship. Stewart, Geoffrey, Presbyterian. Tamehana, John, New Testament Church of God New Zealand. Tatu, Mutafua Malepo, Church of God Seventh Day. Taylor, Kim, Christian Restoration Centre. Te Hiko, Danny Christopher, Anglican. Van Der Hulst, Gerardus Theodorus Adrianus Johannes, New Testament Church of God New Zealand. Wright, Lindsay, Anglican. Dated at Lower Hutt this 12th day of December 1994. B. E. Clarke, Registrar-General.
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15 Dec 1994

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