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Permission to Conduct Within New Zealand a Lottery Promoted Outside New Zealand Pursuant to section 69 of the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977, I, Warren Cooper, the Minister of Internal Affairs, hereby permit GEC Pty Limited, Australia, to conduct within New Zealand, subject to the conditions specified in the Schedule to this notice, a lottery promoted outside New Zealand as a sales promotion scheme for that company's range of electronic components. Schedule Conditions The permission given by this notice is subject to the following conditions, namely: (1) The lottery shall not be conducted within New Zealand after 8 December 1994. (2) The results of the lottery shall be published in the January edition of the GEC customer bulletin known as News Flash. (3) New Zealand winners shall not be subject to any disadvantage as a result of winning a prize. (4) A New Zealand participant shall have a chance of winning which is equivalent to that of an overseas participant. Dated at Wellington this 24th day of November 1994. WARREN COOPER, Minister of Internal Affairs.
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1 Dec 1994

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