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Changes to Maritime Radio Frequencies From the Maritime Safety Authority This notice advises mariners of the frequencies in use by the public Maritime Radio Service, and those additional frequencies and services that will be introduced from 1 July 1994. The HF Service Frequencies presently in use by Taupo Maritime Radio ZLM are (in kHz): Calling Working 2182 2207 4125 4146 4417 (Note 1) 6215 6224 And, in addition, the following additional frequencies from 1 July 1994: Calling Working 8291 8297 12,290 12,356 16,420 16,531 (Note 1) 4146 kHz is used for broadcasts or general working. 4417 kHz is for working if another frequency can not be used. The continued use of 4417 kHz after 1 July 1994, is subject to frequency approval. The VHF Service Channels are as follows: Calling Working Auckland Maritime Radio 16 71 Plenty Maritime Radio 16 68 Wellington Maritime Radio 16 71 Picton Maritime Radio 16 68 And, in addition, from 1 July 1994, the following stations will be in operation: Calling Working Napier Maritime Radio 16 68 Akaroa Maritime Radio 16 68 Bluff Maritime Radio 16 68 Note that broadcasts of maritime safety information are on the Working frequency following an initial announcement on the Calling frequency. Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of May 1994. G. T. NICOL (Capt), Manager, Maritime Safety Services.
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26 May 1994

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