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Honorary Staff of Her Excellency the Governor-General Her Excellency the Governor-General has been pleased to approve the following appointments to Her Excellency's Honorary Staff for the period 1 December 1993 to 30 November 1994. Honorary Aides 1. Auckland Commander L. Robbins, RNZN (until 16 January 1994). Commander B. M. Coffey, RNZN (from 17 January 1994). Lieutenant Colonel I. J. M. Gordon, RNZCT. Wing Commander A. J. McWilliam, a.f.c., RNZAF. 2. Wellington Commander A. L. Peppercorn, RNZN. Lieutenant Colonel C. W. Lilley, RNZ Sigs. Wing Commander V. S. Paul, RNZAF. 3. Christchurch Commander A. Chadwick, RNZN. Lieutenant Colonel I. D. Healy, RNZIR. Wing Commander W. R. Bell, a.f.c., RNZAF. 4. Dunedin Commander G. W. J. Briggs, v.r.d., RNZNVR. Lieutenant Colonel D. A. Roseveare, RNZAMC (TF) (until 31 March 1994). Lieutenant Colonel A. B. Howie, RNZIR (from 1 April 1994). Honorary Surgeons 5. Auckland Surgeon Commander D. F. Gorman, RNZN. 6. Wellington Temporary Surgeon Captain J. R. Monigatti, RNZN. 7. Christchurch Surgeon Commander J. R. Talbot, v.r.d., RNZNVR. 8. Dunedin Colonel R. C. Muir, e.d., RNZAMC (TF). Honorary Dental Surgeon 9. Major S. A. J. Holdgate, RNZDC. Honorary Nursing Officer 10. Major D. S. Swap, RNZNC. Dated at Wellington this 27th day of November 1993. H. JUDD, Official Secretary, Government House.
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13 Jan 1994

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