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requirement for foward-facing side lamps"> Exemption of Trailers From the Inboard Visibility Requirement for Forward-Facing Side Lamps Pursuant to regulation 90 (1) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and pursuant to the powers delegated to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety by an instrument of delegation dated 20th August 1993, I, Hugh Cameron Matheson, Senior Automotive Engineer, hereby exempt trailers from the requirements of regulation 59 (3) (b) subject to the conditions set out within this notice. Conditions Trailer mounted forward facing side lamps required by regulation 59 of the Traffic Regulations 1976 must when lit: 1. display light substantially white or amber in colour, and 2. in clear weather, during the hours of darkness, be visible from a distance of 200 m through angles of at least; a) 15 degrees above and below a horizontal plane passing through the lamp, and [ciix] [sp.2]b) from a angle of 80 degrees outboard of a vertical plane passing through the lamp, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the trailer. Dated at Wellington this 29th day of March 1994. H. C. MATHESON, for Director of Land Transport Safety. (VS31-01)
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31 Mar 1994

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