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Notice of Disclaimer under Section 338 of the Companies Act 1955 Take notice that I Murray James Horn, Secretary to the Treasury, pursuant to section 338 of the Companies Act 1955, hereby disclaim for and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, all right, title and interest of Her Majesty the Queen in: (a) all that land at Buckland Road, Buckland, being an estate in fee simple in all that parcel of land containing 7177 square metres, more or less, being Lot 1 on Deposited Plan 127868, and being part Allotment 9, Parish of Pukekohe, and being all that land comprised and described in certificate of title 74C/440 (North Auckland Registry); and (b) An Instrument by Way of Security dated 13 November 1989 over various items of plant, equipment machinery and 7,800 poultry birds granted by Gerardus Franciscus Van Den Bogaart of Papakura, poultry farmer; and I certify that the vesting of the said land and Instrument by Way of Security did not come to my notice until the 21st day of November 1994. Dated at Wellington this 5th day of December 1994. M. J. HORN, Secretary to the Treasury.
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15 Dec 1994

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