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Section 336 (6) Notice is hereby given that the names of the under-mentioned companies have been struck off the Register and the companies dissolved: AWATOTO FINANCE LIMITED NA. 561072. BALMORAL FLORISTS (1980) LIMITED NA. 165723. CALAXIE HOLDINGS LIMITED NA. 163212. D.F. HAMMOND LAND HOLDINGS LIMITED NA. 162063. HARRIS HATS LIMITED NA. 159293. IVESS WOOLS LIMITED NA. 165392. J.C. WILSON LIMITED NA. 165192. MAHARAHARA MILK COMPANY LIMITED NA. 162172. REGIONAL PUBLICATIONS LIMITED NA. 165963. TAYLOR FREIGHTERS LIMITED NA. 164762. WAIKAI DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED NA. 422552. WILLIAMS AND KETTLES WOOL (NORTHERN) LIMITED NA. 395044. Given under my hand at Napier this 30th day of August 1994. B. G. F. HICKEY, Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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8 Sep 1994

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