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Unclaimed Property Notice of Election by the Public Trustee to Become Manager Under the Public Trust Office Act 1957, Part V Whereas: 1. HONORA MARY McDOWELL, the wife of James McDowell of Wellington, draper, the owner of the property mentioned in the Schedule hereto is dead and the Public Trustee, having made due inquiry does not know of any agent or administrator in New Zealand with authority to take possession of and administer the property. 2. The gross value of the property (as estimated by the Public Trustee) does not exceed $4,000. 3. The Public Trustee is satisfied that he should become the manager of the property. Now therefore, the Public Trustee, in exercise of the authority conferred upon him by section 80 (2) of the Public Trust Office Act 1957, hereby elects to be manager of the property under Part V of the said Act. Schedule An undivided one-fourth share in all the parcel of land containing 426 square metres, more or less, situate in the City of Wellington, being part of Section 416 of the Town of Wellington and being also part of Lot 5 on Deposited Plan 764, together with a right of way over the remaining three undivided one-fourth shares in the said parcel of land created or reserved by conveyance No. 84143 (140/342) and together with a right of way over another part of the said Section 416 created or reserved by conveyance No. 57472 (991/171) and being all of the land comprised in certificate of title 518/252 (Wellington Registry). Dated at Wellington this 9th day of March 1994. D. R. HUTTON, Public Trustee.
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17 Mar 1994

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