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Vice Regal
Appointment of Ministers Her Excellency the Governor-General has been pleased to appoint: The Right Honourable William Francis Birch, to be Minister of Finance; The Honourable Paul Clayton East, to be Minister of State Services; The Honourable Jennifer Mary Shipley, to be Minister of Health; The Honourable Douglas Lorimer Kidd, to be Minister of Labour and Minister of Energy; The Honourable Philip Ralph Burdon, to be Minister for Trade Negotiations, Minister for Industry, Minister for State Owned Enterprises and Minister of Railways; The Honourable Simon David Upton, to be Minister for the Environment (in place of the Honourable William Robson Storey); The Honourable Wyatt Beetham Creech, to be Minister of Employment and Deputy Minister of Finance; The Honourable John Archibald Banks, to be Minister of Local Government; The Honourable Denis William Anson Marshall, to be Minister of Lands and Minister of Survey and Land Information (in place of the Honourable William Robson Storey); The Honourable Murray John Finlay Luxton, to be Minister of Maori Affairs and Minister of Police; The Honourable Warren Ernest Cooper, to be Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Civil Defence; The Honourable Maurice Donald Williamson, to be Minister of Transport (in place of the Honourable William Robson Storey); The Honourable Murray Stuart McCully, to be Minister of Housing; The Honourable Peter John Gresham, to be Minister of Social Welfare and Minister for Senior Citizens; The Honourable Bruce Windsor Cliffe, to be Minister for Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance; The Honourable Roger Francis Hamilton Maxwell, to be Minister of Immigration. Dated at Wellington this 29th day of November 1993. By Command: MARIE SHROFF, Clerk of the Executive Council.
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2 Dec 1993

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