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Land at Christchurch Airport Set Apart for Airport Communication Purposes Pursuant to section 52 (1) of the Public Works Act 1981, and to a delegation from the Minister of Lands, the District Solicitor, Department of Survey and Land Information, Christchurch, declares the land described in the Schedule hereto to be set apart for airport communication purposes together with and subject to the right of way, right to convey electric power and telephonic communications referred to in the Second and Third Schedules of Gazette notice 820306/1 and granted by deed of grant of easement No. A29468/1 (more particularly described in 36D/109), respectively. Schedule Canterbury Land District Christchurch City 20.9586 square metres, being part Lot 1 on Deposited Plan 10480; part GN 820306/1 (more particularly described as the balance of the First Schedule thereto). Dated at Christchurch this 18th day of October 1993. R. J. MILNE, District Solicitor. (DOSLI Ch. D.O. 40/13/7/5)1CL
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21 Oct 1993

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